Pinhoti  Trail

Appalachian  Trail

Pinhoti  Trail

​​​​pinhoti national recreation trail / pinhoti millennium legacy trail

a 337.1 mile southern region appalachian trail connector

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welcome to the alabama section of the pinhoti trail.

(pin  HOE  tee ~ native / pinOdy ~ southern :)

A Southern Region Appalachian Trail Connector

Benton McKaye  Trail

I hope you will always have time to spend in the woods.
Your ancestors were born here, lived here and died here.
Welcome Home!

Out beyond the lights of town lies a land of intense wonder and beauty and it is surprisingly easy for you to step into this world. It is like you have always lived here, but just stepped out for a minute or two.

You may see others out here like yourself: Hikers out for some quiet time, Trail Runners honing their skills, Scouts working on merit badges, Families spending time together, Trail Clubs keeping the trails cleared for others to enjoy, or the Forest Service restoring and maintaining ecosystems and wildlife habitats :)

The Pinhoti National Recreation Trail / Millennium Legacy Trail is a premier southern Appalachian long distance hiking trail and it is also a southeast region Appalachian Trail connector. The total distance of the trail is 337.1 miles. There are 170.7 miles in Alabama and 166.4 miles in Georgia, which makes the Pinhoti the longest hiking trail in either state.

​The Pinhoti's northern terminus is in northwest Georgia, just west of the town of Blue Ridge, where it intersects with the Benton MacKaye Trail. Hiking east on the BMT for 72.3 miles will put you at Springer Mountain, the southern terminus of the infamous Appalachian Trail.

The Pinhoti's southern terminus is in east central Alabama at Flagg Mountain, just southwest of the town of Weogufka. Flagg Mountain is noted for being the last southern Appalachian peak to rise above 1000'.

The main project here is to provide highly detailed, up to date trail guides and trail access information for hikers of all experience levels that are interested in hiking the Pinhoti Trail.

This project is very cleverly designed to also invoke deeply personal attachments to the Pinhoti through expansive knowledge of the trail and it's history, thereby luring a few unsuspecting hikers into a REALLY fascinating world of trail crewstrail stewardship :)

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