​​​​​pinhoti national recreation trail / pinhoti millennium legacy trail

a 337.1 mile southern region appalachian trail connector

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If you have some type of Note Pad or mynotes app on your phone, you can copy and paste these guides into it and you won't need cell service to access them.

section 3 / rcw nesting area.

Out and back dayhike or overnighter

The Hike


EASY / HIKE DISTANCE: 3.8 miles round trip

This section is mostly rolling hills through old growth hardwood and pine mix forest. The destination is one of the Red Cockaded Woodpecker Restoration Projects designed by the Forest Service / Talladega Work Center. You may want to stop for a while at the RCW Hillcrest and let the forest settle from your passing. What you see and hear may surprise you.

Driving Directions

From the intersection of AL 21 and AL 148 in downtown Sylacauga, AL, go east on AL 148 for 3.0 miles to FS 603. Turn right. You'll see a FS 603 sign on the right as soon as you make the turn.
Go 2.6 miles to FS 603A. Turn left.
When you come to the fork in the road, with a yellow FS gate at the left fork, take the right fork and go 350’ to the trailhead parking area, on the right.

Hiking Directions

When you exit your car, turn around and look at the road. Turn right from the Trailhead Parking Area and go 175 feet. The trail goes into the woods on the left.
Go left at the Info Board.
0.4 ~ BOGG AREA ~ SW
There is a patch of reeds down on the left with a good spring running through it.
1.1 ~ SPRING ~ SW
SW ~ Down the hill to your left.
The RCW nesting area is easily distinguishable by the heavily thinned forest with not much left standing besides tall pines.
1.9 ~ FS 675 (turn around)

section 4 / scott lake.

Out and back dayhike or overnighter

The Hike
 7.2 miles round trip

From the Porter's Gap Trailhead parking area, cross over AL 77 and go straight into the woods. Look for the blue blaze. This an easy hike through rolling hills covered in high canopy old growth trees and very little understory.  Most of this trail was cut with a Sweeco Dozer (Bobcat on steroids) and it is wide and smooth.

When you reach Scott Lake, there is a "T" intersection. To the left is a short walk to the lake. To the right is a short walk to a FS dirt road, FS 603a. Turn left and follow the Pinhoti 1/4 mile down to the cascade (Dam) and Dry Creek.

​HISTORY ~ Years ago this area was private property and there were 4 hunting cabins at the "T" intersection. You can still see some of the old rock retaining walls and a few sets of steps. The original road to this place actually came up from the south and crossed Dry Creek, then on up to the "T" intersection. With the exception of a few small scraps here and there like these, the day to day
history of most places found on the Pinhoti died along with the people who lived here.

Driving Directions

Begin from the east side of downtown Talladega, AL on AL 77, at the Wal Mart.
Go south on AL 77 appx. 1.0 miles to the stop sign. Turn left (you are still on AL 77).
Go 8.9 miles to the Porter’s Gap Trailhead parking area on the left, just past the 55 mile


Hiking Directions


0.0 ~ PORTER'S GAP TRAILHEAD / AL 77 ~ 956' ~ SW

There are many spring crossings ahead!!


3.3 ~ SCOTT LAKE (shelter proposed) ~ 730' ~ SC, LC, RW
3.5 ~ SCOTT’S CASCADE / DRY CREEK ~ 710' ~ RW (turn around)

HIGH WATER HAZARD ~ Use caution after heavy rains.

section 10 / sweetwater lake.

Out and back dayhike or overnighter

The Hike


EASY + / HIKE DISTANCE: 6 miles round trip

As soon as you pull into Pine Glen Campground, there are some day use parking spaces on the left. Day use means picnicking / wading at the campground and also hiking out in the forest. Ranger Lesley, from the Forest Service / Shoal Creek Work Center, says that parking here is free. There is a $3 fee for camping overnight at Pine Glen.

This section is old growth, flat to rolling hills and Shoal Creek is visable most of the time. Sweetwater Lake is a typical size Pinhoti USDA Watershed Lake suitable for swimming, licensed fishing and non~motorized boating. 

Driving Directions

Exit I-20 at US 431, east of Oxford, AL.
Go north on US 431 for 0.3 miles to the stop sign at US 78. Turn right.
Go 5.3 miles to a paved road on the left just before the overhead bridge. Turn left.
Go 0.1 miles to the stop sign at AL 281. Go straight across onto the dirt road, FS 500.
Go north 5.0 miles to the Ping Glen Campground, on the left.

Hiking Directions

0.0 ~ PINE GLEN CAMPGROUND / FS 500 ~ 950' ~ LC, RW

Go from the parking area back out to the road. Turn left and cross the Shoal Creek bridge, The Pinhoti goes in the woods on the right as soon as you cross the bridge.
2.3 ~ BRIDGE ~ SW
2.6 ~ SWEETWATER LAKE DAM ~ 1000' ~ LC, RW

The trail crosses over the spillway section of the dam straight in front of you and then goes around the left side of the lake up to the parking area.

LC ~ There is a campsite on the main section of the dam in those pines to the right. (the FS bushogs the dam a couple of times a year so please don't build new fire rings out in the open areas)


LC ~ There are campsites on the peninsula, by the trail and on top of the hill.

Concrete boat ramp.

^ climb up.