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the buffalo field campaign.
Excerpt From Recent Field Report

the wild in us.
Does chaos allow people to appreciate stillness? It does me. Does the
continual chaos of present day culture shut people down? Turn them off?
It seems the wild within us has become a very faint and distant memory.
Chaos has allowed me to appreciate the stillness, the beauty, the quiet. It is the calm 
after the storm. It is the stillness after weeks of continental winds. It is the power of 
another herd heading to their ancestral birthing grounds after days, weeks, years of 
being hazed by "management men" and their machines. It is the knowledge that it will 
happen again and again and again if we as a citizenry do not shout Enough!

Is this not just a micro example of what is happening to us? Are we not constantly being 
hazed ourselves? "Pay the bills! Do this! Take that! Go here! Buy this!" Cracker round shots 
fired at us in the form of commercials, billboards and terror alerts. It is no wonder we 
have become so disconnected from our wild roots. Yet the hawk continues to pierce the 
stillness of the sky and raven caws as well. And there is something within me that is 
trying to strike some balance between outrage and understanding. That this game 
between us and them is so much bigger than me. That maybe I am not here to "save the 
Bison," but to save the wild in me. Buffalo have been and continue to be a gift to the 
people. What will it take for America to awake? The intelligence of these animals goes 
beyond words. They have been around many lifetimes before me, and this is not their 
first time dealing with the viciousness of man--a particular breed of man whose well will 
never be full enough. Yet something has brought us all here together. That something is 
America's last wild and free herd of buffalo.

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