​​​​pinhoti national recreation trail / pinhoti millennium legacy trail

a 337.1 mile southern region appalachian trail connector

In case of emergencies, dial 911.​ This is the only public service that will know your exact location

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current weather @ pinhoti trail mid-point ~ s14 - 7.3 ~ cave spring trailhead

dog notes for road walks.

notes from a public road runner since 1979.

plan a.

S. C. E. N. T.

You are on a public road. Public roads include Fluffy.

Your big stupid grin and game on!! attitude will decide the outcome of this meeting!

Fluffy can smell this a mile away. Contact should not last more than 20 or 30 seconds.

S. STAND your ground (no really! ). You're adrenaline is up and you're really pissed! Fluffy will know right away that this will not be fun for him/her.

C. CROSS to the other side of the road when you first become aware of Fluffy.

E. EYE contact is a powerful weapon. (works well with people too :)

N. NO! Use this word as many times as necessary in a loudish forceful voice, not panic screaming. (Fluffy owners do this, alot :) 99 times out of 100 you'll notice a slight change in the attitude and tone of the barking. You've won! Slowly move on while keeping eye contact.

T. TELL everyone you see about what a Bad A$$ you are :)

plan b.

If you have a hiking pole or stick, and ONLY (ONLY) if it becomes necessary, jab, don't swing. A quick, forceful foot jab (don't kick) works pretty good too. Contact is NOT required.

Most dogs aren't in it to win it, they are just protecting their own. Same as you.

Exception: NEVER TURN YOUR BACK ON A FREAKIN CHIHAUHAU! (twice bit, twice shy :)

^ climb up.