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current weather @ pinhoti trail mid-point ~ s14 - 7.3 ~ cave spring trailhead

 6.78 mi

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Chinnabee S T

​​​​pinhoti national recreation trail / pinhoti millennium legacy trail

a 337.1 mile southern region appalachian trail connector

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 3.58 mi

pin~chinn~sky loop.

By Jay Hudson

I created the map being displayed here with my GPS over several hikes, and have it split into several smaller ones in much higher resolution. They show the topo lines and features in much greater detail. The best loop out there is the loop including the Pinhoti/Chinnabee Silent Trail/and Skyway Loop Trails. Altogether, it's 18.2 miles, and forms a triangular loop allowing you to park and return to the same spot.

The whole loop has features a minimum elevation of 778 feet and a maximum elevation of 2,211 feet ( a change of over 1,433). However, if you count all the ups and downs along the 18 mile trek, the loop features over 4,406 feet of climbing and 4,406 feet of descending from end to end! A true Southern trail!

parking at either adams gap or turnipseed hunter's camp.
Adams Gap to Caney Head, via the Pinhoti Trail = 5.67 miles. 1,857 ft climbing, 1,120 descending (+737).  Min elevation 1,202 ft., Max elevation 2,211 feet.

Caney Head to Turnipseed Hunter's Camp, via the Chinnabee Silent Trail = 2.17 miles.  108 ft climbing, 1,026 descending (-918). Min elevation 1,128 ft., Max elevation 2,211 feet.

Turnipseed Hunter's Camp to Lake Chinnabee, via the Chinnabee Silent Trail = 3.58 miles. 505 ft climbing, 777 ft descending (-272). Min elevation 778 ft., Max elevation 1,178.

Lake Chinnabee to Adams Gap, via the Skyway Loop Trail = 6.78 miles. 1,936 ft climbing, 1,483 ft descending (+453)