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pinhoti trail alliance formation.

Here is an article written by the Alabama Hiking Trail Society.
www.hikealabama.org/ahtsnews.html (dead link)
A new chapter in the Pinhoti Trail history was set into motion at the AHTS
conference (at Cheaha State Park) as representatives from the maintaining clubs in 
Alabama along with our friends of the Georgia Pinhoti Trail Association came together
to form the Pinhoti Trail Alliance.

The mission of the alliance is to represent and market the Pinhoti Trail not as individual 
sections in Alabama and Georgia, but instead as one continuous trail running through both 

A meeting was held on Friday night March 31st after our conference opening ceremonies. 
Present were members of the US Forestry Service (USFS), Alabama Hiking Trail 
Society (AHTS), Alabama Trails Association (ATA), Appalachian Trail Club of Alabama 
(ATCA), Anniston Outdoor Association (AOA), Vulcan Trail Association (VTA), Horn Mt. 
Trail Club (HMTC), Eastern Trail Association (ETA) and the Georgia Pinhoti Trail 
Association (GPTA).

The original concept for the Pinhoti Trail was to build it as a single trail running from 
Flagg Mt. in central Alabama and terminating at the Benton MacKaye Trail in north 
Georgia. This overlooked and long forgotten plan was round tabled among the 
representatives in attendance.

After discussion, a motion was presented stating the need for and benefits of all 
interested parties coming together to form a group speaking and working in unity for the 
advancement of the Pinhoti Trail. All were in favor, and after a brief discussion of a name 
that would be appropriate, the Pinhoti Trail Alliance (PTA) was agreed upon.

May the 12th was chosen as the date for the first official meeting and Cheaha SP was 
voted the venue. A Saturday meeting was proposed in order to accommodate some late 
arriving conference attendees.

On Saturday Michael Leonard, longtime Pinhoti advocate and ATA founding member, along 
with the US Forest Service joined us and were brought up to speed on the decisions 
reached the previous night. They all agreed that the Alliance was a positive step forward 
and applauded the decision.

Michael then announced that private funds had been pledged to cover 25% of the 
purchase of private in holdings along Rebecca Mt. if the USFS would commit to the 

AHTS welcomes the formation of the PTA. We have believed for a long time that the 
management of the Pinhoti Trail would be enhanced if such an organization was formed. By 
pooling our resources together as one but also being ever mindful of protecting the rights 
and autonomy of the individual founding organizations, the PTA will be a win-win situation 
for the trail, the organizations and the users of the Pinhoti Trail.

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