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rebecca mountain 2.

Scoping for Hiking Trail

This October 11, 2007 message from Mr. Evans is in reference to
construction of Section 3 of the Pinhoti Trail across Rebecca Mountain,
which is located at the far southwest corner of the Talladega National Forest.

From: Kent Evans, District Ranger
USDA Forest Service - Talladega National Forest
1001 North Street
Talladega, Alabama 35160
0ffice - 256-362-2909 x 121
Cell - 256-375-0426
FAX - 256-362-0823

To: Respondents from our scoping notice regarding the hiking trail project on the Talladega 
Ranger District.

Hello all, I wanted to let you know about the public response I had gotten regarding the 
proposed construction of hiking trail on the south end of the district. Here is a summary of 
the contacts -

I received a number of positive responses in response to my letter informing the public of 
our intentions to build hiking trail on the south end of the Talladega Ranger District south of 
Hwy. 148 along and near the Rebecca ridge.

I also received emails from horse riders with questions and concerns. Most of those emails 
were almost identical and seemed to be a form letter with their message. I have read and 
considered the questions contained in the message. I know that the senders could benefit 
from a direct conversation with me. Phone numbers and snail mail addresses were not in all 
of the emails.

A couple of the respondents also called and from my phone conversation we were able to 
clarify and explain the proposal better. The State of Alabama communicated several issues 
regarding management of the Hollins WMA that could be complicated by the new trail.

Here are some of the main points that respondents said helped their understanding of our 
hiking trail project.

1 ) A designated horse route was established on the south end of the Talladega Ranger 
District in 2000-2003.

2 ) Horse users are legal on the designated route which is honored by state and federal law 
enforcement officers that patrol the area.

3 ) USFS is in process of restoring some of those route signs that had been removed by 

4 ) A portion of the new hiking trail will occupy some of the designated horse route on the 
ridge top (approx 1/2 mile).

5 ) If funds are available this co-occupied (hiker and horse) section may eventually be moved 
and rebuilt as single use hiking trail.

6 ) Single use (hiker only) trail will not displace any of the USFS legally designated horse 

7 ) Hiking Trail construction will likely start in December or January.

8 ) All visitors, including hikers and hunters, are required to abide by regulations 
administered by state and federal officers of the Talladega National Forest (federal) and 
the Hollins Wildlife Management Area (state).

9 ) Administration of quality hunting opportunities and wildlife habitat management in the 
Hollins WMA is a priority based on a long term formal relationship between the state of 
Alabama and the National Forest Alabama. Administration of hiking use in the WMA will be 
done in coordination with the USFS, hiking clubs and the state of Alabama.

I welcome personal visits here in the office on the subject and phone calls.

This email is being sent (bcc) to the email addresses that I was able to save from the initial 

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