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​​​​pinhoti national recreation trail / pinhoti millennium legacy trail

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sister ridge.

alabama's choccolocco mountains.
Cha ka la ka  Mountuns : )

At various points along the Pinhoti in Alabama, there is a good number of
great views on the left (west) of our Sister Ridge, the Choccolocco
Mountains. This ridge runs west of the Pinhoti for 61.1 miles, from
Mt. Cheaha, Section 7, up to Dugger Mountain, Section 11. She begins her
northward journey in Coldwater and passes through Oxford, Anniston,
Ft. McClellan, Jacksonville and ends in Piedmont. This section of the Appalachian Ridge

contains 15 of the highest named summits in Alabama.

One of your first views of her is from the rock outcrop at mile 72.2 ~ Heavens Gate, in Section 
6. From here she is just a blue haze back behind Mt. Cheaha. A better view of her 
beginning is up the 1/2 mile Bald Rock Trail, at mile 81.7 in Section 7. Here the north 
view is of Oak Mountain. A little west of that is Coldwater Peak and a little farther west 
is her beginning at Coldwater Spring. At this point she is about 10 miles away and by the 
time you reach Dugger Mountain she is only about a mile away.

In recent years the Choccoloicco Mountains have started to see some access and 
development that is leaning heavily toward recreation, conservation and protection.

The city of Anniston is in the process of building parking areas, mountain bike trails and 
hiking trails on the Coldwater section known as the Doug Ghee Nature Preserve and 
Recreation Area.

Coldwater Mountain Bike Trail Video

A large 9,000 acre tract of the Ft. McClellan section has just recently been designated 
as the Mountain Longleaf National Wildlife Refuge.

On the Jacksonville section, the Jacksonville State University Planetarium and 
 will soon be located on top of Chimney Peak.

alabama's 100 highest named summits.
The Choccolocco Mountains contain 15 of Alabama's 100 highest named summits. In the 
profile below, their numeric designations are listed in parenthesise. Please note that only 
what is considered a named summit by the US Geological Survey is on the top 100 list.

choccolocco profile.
Northern Terminus / Piedmont. AL
Piedmont Section

Piedmont ~ 701'
Last Lonely Mountain ~ 1160'

Jacksonville Section
(20) Hurricane Mountain ~ 1876'
Chimney Mountain ~ 1272'
(74) Chimney Peak ~ 1590'
(73) Ben White Point ~ 1592'
White's Gap
Foster Mountain ~ 1420'

Fort McClellan Section
Truitt Hill ~ 1480'
French Hill ~ 1140'
(10) Big Oak Mountain ~ 2050'
Noyes Hill ~ 1560'
(23) Mokeley Hill ~ 1840'
(11) Moorman Hill ~ 2030'
Caffey Hill ~ 1440'
Mount Tylo ~ 1360'
(29) Frederick Hill ~ 1800'
Bain's Gap ~ 1420'
(30) Wykoff Hill ~ 1800'
Marchets Hill ~ 2104'
(9) Morton Hill ~ 2063'
(18) Stanley Hill ~ 1900'
(15) King Hill ~ 1945'
Reynolds Hill ~ 1378'

Anniston Section
(93) Mount Royal ~ 1519'
Twin Mountains ~ 1170' ~ 1225'
(94) Blue Mountain ~ 1516'

Coldwater Section
(52) Oak Mountain ~ 1705'
(51) Coldwater Peak ~ 1709'
Coldwater Spring ~ 584'
Southern Terminus / Coldwater, AL

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