​​​pinhoti national recreation trail / pinhoti millennium legacy trail

a southern region appalachian trail connector

* section and mileage numbering system example: "s7 ~ 0.2" / s7 = a section number and 0.2 = a landmark mileage *

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current weather @ pinhoti trail mid-point ~ 181.3 ~ cave spring trailhead

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trail blazing.
Follow the light blue blazes. The Alabama section is point to point, mostly hand built trail that took decades to build. You can easily zone out here for days at a time.

the alabama road walk.
Road Walk ~ 14.4 miles

SECTION 1 ~ mm 5.3 thru mm 12.6

SECTION 2 ~ mm 0.0 thru mm 7.1 

Stealth Camping ~ Personal Security:
Step 1: Don't build a fire near the road.
Step 2: Don't build a fire near the road :)
Hope this shines a little (flash) light on the topic.

southern and northern terminus.

There are 170.7 miles of the Pinhoti Trail in Alabama / Sections 1 thru 13​

The Southern Terminus is Section 1, which is located in east central Alabama near Weogufka.

The Northern Terminus is Section 13 , which is located near northeast Alabama, just over Georgia State line.

the future.
Here is an example of a recent land purchase for 5 miles of new trail corridor on Section 3 of the Pinhoti Trail.

This section is in the Talladega National Forest but there were 1100 acres on top of 
Rebecca Mountain that was owned by a family. A private donor from North Carolina stepped up and offered a $550,000 donation toward the purchase. The Conservation Fund used that money along with their money to buy the land for $1,500,000 and then sold it to the US Forest Service.

So let's see, that's $300,000 for each mile of trail corridor and we have almost 70 miles to go... 

Fortunately, we have some pretty creative folks working on this.

^ climb up.