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​​​​pinhoti national recreation trail / pinhoti millennium legacy trail

a 337.1 mile southern region appalachian trail connector

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Loop Trail Hikes:
The Pinhoti Trail itself is a 339 mile point to point hiking trail, but in the
Cheaha Wilderness, in Section 7, there is an extensive loop trail system
that includes the Pinhoti and 6 side trails which allow you to form a variety
of loops that range from 2 mile day hikes to 30 mile multi day hikes. The Dugger 
Wilderness, in Section 2, also has a loop trail that uses the Pinhoti and Jones
Branch Road to make a 6 mile hike. The advantage of a loop hike is that you or
your group can travel to the trail in just 1 vehicle.

Out and Back Hikes:
This type of hike involves parking 1 vehicle at a trailhead or road crossing and hiking in any 
distance you choose, then returning to your vehicle the same way you came in.

Point to Point Hikes with Self Shuttle:
You will need to bring 2 vehicles if you want to hike from point A to point B. First, park 1 
vehicle where you want to finish your hike and then drive the other vehicle to where you 
want to start your hike. When your hike ends at your finish vehicle, drive around and pick 
up your start vehicle.

Point to Point Hikes with Hired Shuttle:
If you want to hike from point A to point B but bring only 1 vehicle to the trail, you can 
make arrangements with someone to pick you up at your finish point, where you will leave 
your vehicle, and drive you around to your starting point.

Pinhoti Shuttle Providers

Northern Sections

Buddy Lique

Southern Sections

Coosa's Hiker Hostel and Shuttle Service

Callie Thornton, Proprietor

Callie's place is near the Pinhoti Southern Terminus / Flagg Mountain Trailhead.
Hwy 22 West, Rockford, AL

Next Step Hostel and Shuttle Service

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