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the pta's busiest month to date ~ feb 2016 ~ 40,168 web hits

current weather @ pinhoti trail mid-point ~ s14 - 7.3 ~ cave spring trailhead

​​​​​pinhoti national recreation trail / pinhoti millennium legacy trail

a 337.1 mile southern region appalachian trail connector

In case of emergencies, dial 911.​ This is the only public service that will know your exact location

Do phone reset first ~ go to settings / go to privacy / turn on location services

visit the georgia pinhoti trail association for the georgia section trail guides and trail info


turkey track - 2006.

December 15 ~ Section 13 Trail Construction
Trail Update ~ Trail building continues on the northern end of the ATA Section. The new 2.7 mile Jackson Chapel Section, from the Alabama state line to the first road crossing in Georgia, Jackson Chapel, is over 1/3 finished.

December 14 ~ Section 3 Trail Construction
Trail Update ~ New trail construction to begin on Section 3 as early as March 07. Trails Unlimited has us on their calendar to do the final southern section of the Pinhoti between Sylacauga and Bull Gap. Stay tuned for updates.

August 15 ~ Link Added to Site Map
Site Update ~ In the first column of the site map under Eastern Continental Trail, the ECT link has been updated to direct you to Nimblewill Nomad's newly reconstructed website. Great site!

August 10 ~ Pinhoti Geology
Site Update ~ A new page has been created titled Appalachian Mountains. The link is in the first column of the site map under Alabama Pinhoti Trail. On August 8, I submitted a question to Pete Conroy at the Environmental Policy and Information Center at Jacksonville State University about weather the Pinhoti is actually in the Appalachians. This page is a compilation of two responses provided by Dr. Kelly Gregg, Geology Department at JSU.

August 7 ~ Ramen Chronicles
Site Update ~ The Ramen Chronicles, 5th column of the site map at the bottom, has moved on to page 3 with the addition of my Backpacker Magazine interview to be published in the fall of 2006.

June 8 ~ ATA Topo ~ Sky Cam
Site Update ~ A new page has been created for a GPS topo map of the northern 5 miles of the ATA Section. This map was furnished by Andrew Whatley. Thanks Andrew! Go to the Site Map and in the first column under Alabama Pinhoti Trail, click on the "USFS Topos  and Other Maps" link.

Also, a link to the ABC 33/40 Mount Cheaha Sky Cam has been added to the HMTC Home 

June 3 ~ NTD
National Trails Day 06. The Pinhoti Trail Clubs and the USFS celebrated NTD on top of Horn Mountain in Section 9 this year. After 14 months of constructing 18 miles of new trail and 5 months restoring the CCC Picnic Shelter at the Horn Mountain Fire Tower site, we had a lot to celebrate! Section 9 and the picnic shelter day use area are now officially open to hikers. Welcome!

May 9 ~ Work Day
Site Update ~ The  HMTC Second Saturday Work Day on May 13 has been cancelled. Solo is working on a special project at Terrapin Creek. YaHoo!!

April 7 ~ Jackson Chapel
Site Map ~ A new link has been added to the first column under Alabama Pinhoti Trail detailing the new Jackson Chapel Section at the Alabama / Georgia State Line.

April 6 ~ 3 New Shelters
Site Update - Construction dates for Laurel, Lower Shoal and Blue Mountain Shelters have been provided by Joe Nicholson of the USFS. The dates have been added to the Section 6, 4 and 3 Handbook guides and also to the Shelter page (see site map, column 1, under Alabama Pinhoti Trail for the Shelter page link).

March 29 ~ Photo Links
Site Map - Lots of new photo links have been added to the Handbook, sections 2 and 1, miles 113.0 thru 117.0.

March 28 ~ Adze Trailname
ATCA / ATA / HMTC member Teresa Huckaby got her trail name today from a friend: Patchouliadze ~ Patchouli is a 60's flower child thing and she was the finder of a 1930's CCC adze at a recent HMTC work day.

March 26 ~ Waterfall Link
Site Map - A new link has been added to the fifth column under Special Interest Sites. Joshua Szulecki is building a waterfall site that includes Alabama and it is open to public submissions.

March 23 ~ Yeti Trailname
HMTC member Tim Presley (mile 4.0 thru 6.0) got his trail name today from friends: Yeti.

Some landmarks and appx. mileages have been added to the Thru Hiker Databook for the 
new Jackson Chapel Section across the state line.

March 22 ~ Trail Conditions
Site Map - A new Trail Conditions link has been added to the bottom of the fourth column. All of the previous pages have been condensed into a single page.

Ten new photos have been added to the APT Slideshow from recent trips to Section 7, 6 
and ATA.

March 19 ~ Photos
New photos have been added to the ATA Section Handbook from mile 127.2 to 131.3.

March, 16 ~ Trail Maps
Site Map - New Trail Town maps have been added. Look for the link in the 1st column under Alabama Pinhoti Trail / USFS Topos and other maps.

March, 15 ~ Panoramas
Site Map - A Panorama photo link has been added in the fourth column under HMTC Misc.

March, 14 ~ Rabbittown Cafe
The Rabbittown General Store has changed their name to The Rabbittown Cafe and Fiddlers Hall. They were closed today when I went by at lunch and supper time, so I'm not sure yet if this will still be a short term re-supply for hikers...

Site Map - All of the Map links that were in column 1, under Alabama Pinhoti Trail, have 
been moved to the USFS Topos & Other Maps page (column 1, APT). Check out Jay's great 
Section 9 topo maps he made with his new GPS!

March, 12 ~ Mail Drops
Site Map - A link to the new APT mail drop locations page has been added to the first column under Alabama Pinhoti Trail.

March, 6 ~ Flower Link
Site Map - A new link to a Pinhoti photo tour, by HMTC member Jay Hudson, has been added to column 4 under HMTC Misc.

Feb. 23 ~ Topo Maps
Site Map - OK. A change to the Feb. 17 post. The Section 9 link beside the Topo Map Set link is now the general purpose topo described on Feb. 21. There is now a Maptech icon at the top of column 1 you can click on. This will take you to a page where you can type in a landmark and state for that topo.

Feb. 21 ~ Topo Map
Site Map - A general purpose, not to scale topo map for Section 9 has been added in the first column under Alabama Pinhoti Trail on the About Section 9 page.

Feb. 20 ~ 3 New Shelters
Site Map - Three new trail shelters are being built by the USFS this year!! Look for the photo page link in the first column under Alabama Pinhoti Trail.

Feb. 17 ~ Topo Maps
Site Map - A new Section 9 link has been added in the first column under Alabama Pinhoti Trail and it's out beside the Topo Map Set link. This link takes you to the Maptech website's topo maps and the page that opens has you at the southern terminus of Section 9 at Bull Gap. From there you can use the directional arrows to scroll your way up to Porter's Gap and beyond. You can also change the viewing size of the maps and even copy or print them. As soon as there are topos that show the trail route I'll change the destination of this link.

Feb. 14 ~ Journals
Site Map - A new 2006 journal link has been added to the Journal / Blog Links page at the bottom of column 3. Grey Eagle and I have been swapping emails for the past year and I'm looking forward to keeping up with his hike.

Feb. 11 ~ Hammock Hanger
I'm reading Hammock Hangers Florida Trail Journal. Here is a quote she uses on her signature block:

"Life's journey is not to arrive at the grave safely in a well preserved body, but to skid in sideways, totally worn out, shouting "Holy Cow-What A Ride!"

Is that cool or what!

Feb. 11 ~ Trail Conditions
Site Map - All of the individual HMTC Adopt a Trail Member pages have been deleted in favor of the new APT Trail Conditions pages at the bottom of column 4. All of the member work trip reports are now on a single page at the top of column 4.

Feb. 9 ~ Forum
Site Map - In the 3rd column under APT + Forums, a new link has been placed for Second 
Wind Online. This nice forum is specific for north Alabama.

Jan. 23 ~ Ramen Chronicles
Site Map - I've added an essay titled "The Wheel vs. GPS - A Civilized Conversation". This was based on an actual email conversation over the past week. The names have been changed to protect the innocent. : ) Click on Essays - 1 at the bottom of the 5th column.

Jan. 18 ~ Thru Hike
Site Map - I've added a 14 Day Thru Hike planner in column 2 under Solo's APT Handbook.

Underneath that I've added Solo's APT Loop Hikes. So Far all I've done is set up the 
pages. I hope to get out SOON and measure the hikes!

In the fifth column under APT Related Sites I've added links to Jacksonville State 
University and also their very informative Epic program.

In the fifth column under Special Interest Sites I've added a (My!) 100 Greatest Hits 
page. What does this have to do with hiking you ask? Nada.

Jan, 13 ~ Club - USFS Meeting
Here are some of the topics discussed at the USFS / Trail Club meeting:
The Pinhoti management plan is still in the works.
Chris Koehn from Wisconsin will rebuild the CCC picnic pavilion on Horn Mt. Hikers will be welcome there via a spur trail.
The supplies for three new shelters are at the Heflin work center and construction will start soon after deer hunting season is over.
Any new trail signs placed should be standard & approved by the USFS.
A new Pinhoti Trail Association was proposed by AHTS president Mike Kennedy.
A ceremony for the trail route from the Ga. border to Old Jackson Chapel Rd. will be held on the 3rd Sat. in March.
Skip Essman will conduct a “Leave No Trace Trainer Course” Feb. 11-12, 2006 8am at Camp Tukabatchee.

^ climb up.