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turkey track 2012.

September 28 - Section 3 Trail Completion
The completion of the trail along Rebecca Mountain was officially announced on September 28 at the National Public Lands Day celebration, which was held at the new Trammel Trailhead located on the southwest end of Section 3. The mornings activities included putting the finishing touches on the trailhead parking area, assembling the trail kiosk and also a good bit of trail maintenance north of the trailhead.

In a larger sense, the celebration was also about completely finishing the Pinhoti Trail from the 
southern boundary of the Talladega National Forest, east of Sylacauga, to the northern terminus, north 
of Piedmont, for a total of 138.2 miles. This has been a consistent effort that has spanned more than 4
decades. Congrats to everyone who has contributed in any way to the dream.

January 11 - Dead Truck
On Jan 10 John Calhoun reported that the Dead Truck (Section 7 - mile 86.6) has vanished.... Guess that nixes my plans to make it into a trail shelter . Doh !!!!! Hey John, reckon someone just took it out for a spin and is coming right back? : )

December 5 - 10 Year Anniversary
Dude, it's been 10 years since the first Pinhoti Trail guides were copyrighted. Wow. 
There has certainly been alot of water under the proverbial footbridge since then : )

^ climb up.