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February 12 ~ Important Notice
The Georgia Pinhoti Trail Association has changed their web address to:
Please pass this on to others if you will. They are an extremely important part of our 
Pinhoti community and they have a beautiful new site. Check it out !

February 13 ~ Solo's Pinhoti Trail Pocket Guide
Due to various reasons, the Trail Guide is no longer in print. It was real and it was fun 
but it wasn't always real fun :) From the number of sales, I felt like I was able to help
alot of folks get to the trail, know what to expect once they arrived, have a great 
experience and go home safe and sound with a big smile on their face. Truth be told
though, it was a big five year, time / energy / money consuming project. I'm truly
grateful to all who allowed me to provide this service for you, It was immensely soul
satisfying - Thank You !

Just a reminder: In column 1 on the Site map Page, you can print any of the etrail guides
on 2 sheets of paper and have the same info as the Pocket Guide. I mostly just 
formatted them a little to fit on 4x6 index cards so they would fit in a zip-loc.

Thanks again - Solo​