turkey track 2014.

nov 22.

Great news. The Flagg Mountain Trailhead and 5.3 miles of new trail have been completed. Our southern terminus finally has a HOME! Thanks go out to alot of folks from the Alabama Hiking Trail Society who pitched in and got this done. Of course the Pinhoti's good friend Mike Leonard had a hand in this, as always.

Callie Thornton, the AHTS crew and friends supplied the blood, sweat and tears. There are alot of folks out here, past present and future hikers, who know that trails don't just appear. Big thanks go out to all of you guys.

I'll get some usable info on the Pocket Guide page real soon.
Update: The Section 1 Pocket Guide is up to date.

nov 20.
Well it finally happened ~ the old website builder has crashed and died for it's final time ;) So, I'll put this site back online and continue working on it until all the info from the old site is transferred. Thanks all. Go for a hike : )

nov 4.
The annual AHTS Pinhoti Trail work week started yesterday. The crew is building trail down on Flagg Mountain. This info is way new to me, so I'm still playing catch up. The southern terminus has been established and 4 miles of trail have been cut so far. I just dont know where it's at yet! (no, it isn't on top of the mountain :( More info as it becomes available.

oct 2.
The new Coosa Hiker Hostel is open! How cool is dat! They will also provide shuttle services. Check out their website for details.
Hwy 22 West, Rockford, AL
Contact is Callie Thornton @

june 20.
Wow ~ 2014 and still very little internet service in Clay County. Remember "every home in America will have access to the internet:? What a crock. I'm 9 miles outside of town and the only thing available to me is an AT&T Home Hot Spot. Operates off cell towers and is added onto my cell phone bill. Total bill is $140.oo per month for 6GB.

So anyway, I do have home internet for the first time in like 8 years and I'm using a different web site builder than before and I'm in the process of copying and pasting the old site to this one.Type your paragraph here.

^ climb up.

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