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my ultralight gearlist

w/5 day "no cook" food plan

this page is about what I do.

it is not about what you do...

a bear safety plan.

Don't encourage bears to associate humans with food.

Maybe consider a no cook food plan... Just sayin'

This came about from years of habitually poor food safety / storage

practice by hikers and park visitors.

Forest managers have a saying-

"A Fed Bear is a Dead Bear" - and it may be your fault.

Don't ever let a bear steal your food.

how you can help.

don't camp at established campsites.

don't build fires at camp.

eat breakfast after you leave camp.
eat supper before you reach camp.

wash hands before and after eating.

don't handle food in camp except to

hang your food bag 100 yards away from camp.

gear list under construction ~ updated 8/16/18.

i am a tweaker - i need help - sometimes items and weight will change daily :)

​this gear list is for any length hike above 35 degrees- may, june, july,

august, september, maybe october.

below 35 degrees will require add ons.

the food weights are measured at 1.3 pounds per day. 

amz ~ amazon

gg - gossamer Gear

mb - montbell

mld - mountain laurel designs
smd - six moons designs
pata - patagonia


w - Walmart

wm - western mountaineering

z - zpacks

35 deg weekend hike / 10.3 lbs.
gear 5.7 lbs / food 2 days 2.6 lbs / quart of water 2.0 lbs

12.1 pack.
10.9 pack z
1.2 pack liner gg

26.2 sleep.
15.2 35” bag wm
6.5 bug bivy mld
2.3 sleep pad, donut gg
1.0 buff amz
1.2 pillow amz

14.0 shelter / rain gear.
5.3 tarp z
1.6 tarp pole z
2.0 9-stakes amz
5.1 poncho-ground sheet z

19.2 clothes.
7.0 down jacket mb
3.3 therm bot pata
4.4 wind bot-top mb
1.5 wool mitts amz
1.0 xtra hike sox amz
1.0 sleep sox amz
1.0 beenie z

12.4 kitchen.
1.5 food bag mld
1.5 rocksak, rope, beener
1.8 opsack / trash amz
1.6 pb jar w
0.1 spoon w
0.8 bandanna w
1.6 water bottle, dip w
1.3 2L-platy amz
2.2 water filter w

8.0 ditty bag.
1.6 first aid kit w
burts bees lip balm
green goo, tick puller
0.5 repair kit gg
cuben fiber patches, razor knife,

spare orings for filter, spare btl caps
2.0 poop kit gg
wet wipes, tp,
2 ziplocs, trowel
1.7 hygene kit w
soap, tbrush, scrubbie
1.6 light kit gg
photon, 2016 batt, bic
0.6 headnet, earplugs w

not included in base pack weight
2.0 ball cap amz
5.9 spf 50 ls shirt amz
0.0 tshirt pata
11.0 zipoff pants amz
2.6 9in drawers amz
1.9 injin sox amz
23.8 ultra 3.5 shoes amz
0.6 sunglasses amz
0.1 buff amz

food for 5 days / 6.6 lbs.
6:00 - breakfast - water, caffene, cliffbar, advil
9:00 - snack - water, vitamin, metamucil, cereal, pow milk, dried fruit, electrolyte
12.00 - lunch - water, caffene, pnut butter, tortilla, trail mix bar, electrolyte
3:00 - snack - water, dried fruit, trail mix bar, electrolyte
6:00 - supper - water, pasta-rice-veg-meat dinner
9:00 - snack - water, trail mix bar, metamucil, probiotics, tylenol pm

^ climb up.​​