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ultralight gearlist.

​For Any Length Hike

Above 35 degrees
No Cook Meals

Base Pack Weight:

4 lbs 9 oz. / 77.8 oz.

GG - Gossamer Gear


Mountain Laurel Designs
SMD - Six Moons Designs
WM - Western Mountaineering
PG - Patagonia



PACK - 9.4
9.4 - Murmer 36 / Gossamer Gear

SHELTER - 25.4
12.0 - Gatewood Cape / SMD

7.0 ~ bivy sack / Mountain Laurel Designs
2.4 - 7 Titanium Stakes / Six Moon Designs

SLEEP - 19.5
15.3 - Highlite 35' / WM
2.8 - Sleeping Pad / GG
1.4 - Drybag / GG

3.3 ~ Houdini Hooded Wind Jacket / PG

11.9 - Nano Puff Jacket / PG
1.6 - Boggin / PG
1.1 - Darn Tuff Sox / REI
1.4 - Drybag / GG

7.3 - Ursack Bear Proof Food Bag / REI
1.4 - Drybag / GG
0.0 - Spoon
0.3 - Pnut Butter Jar (re-hydrate food)
0.2 - Photon Light / REI
0.3 - Bic Lighter
0.2 - T Brush
0.1 - Dr Bronners Soap / REI
0.6 - Poop Scoop / GG
1.0 - Handy Wipes
0.6 - Mirror / WalMart
0.4 - Coleman Soap Sheets / WalMart
0.3 - Bandanna
0.1 - X-Lax

0.3 - Band Aids

1.0 ~ Neosporin

0.0 ~ Tick Key / Walmart
0.2 - Gal. ZipLoc - trash bag
0.1 - Qt. ZipLoc

2.4 - 2 32 oz. Plastic Bottles
3.5 - Sawyer Squeeze / WalMart

0.1 - Qt. ZipLoc

0.8 - Compass-Whistle-Thermometer / WalMart

3.5 - SOL Emergency Heat Shield Bivy

OFFICE - 5.5
3.8 - Trail Guide
0.9 - Car Key
0.7 - Cash, CC, Debit, DL, Insurance, VA
0.1 - Small Dry Bag GG

CLOTHING WORN (not in pack)
Tec Ball Cap
Running Shirt SS
Running Shorts

Longsleeve Sun Shirt
Columbia Zip off Pants
Darn Tough Sox
Running Shoes

~ Top of Pack ~
Sleep Pad (outside)
~ Bottom of Pack ~

Kitchen / Office
Wet Items

Water Bottles
Water Purification


By: GreenBelly
These items all have high calorie content.


5 Day Meal Plan
Here is a high calorie meal plan without the weight - 3,300 calories crammed into 1.75 lbs of food per day. This is a list of what I ate in the backcountry on an 8 month adventure thru-hiking the Appalachian Trail and cycle-touring New Zealand. Keep in mind your backpacking food needs to be high in nutrition, lightweight and easy to prepare.

A) High Nutrition.
Nowhere is fuel efficiency more important than long distance backpacking. Burning high levels of energy day after day requires high levels of nutritional intake - an average of 500 calories per hour. Calories, fat, sodium and sugar can be taboo in the real world. However, backpacking is not the time to minimize your intake. You must ensure you are consuming adequate levels of nutrition in order to stay healthy and properly fueled.

B) Lightweight.
You want to consider how heavy that nutrition is. This is where the importance of nutritional density really matters. ie - you want a lot of nutrition for little weight. After all, you will feel every ounce on your back and your knees up those long climbs at the end of the day.

C) Ready-to-Eat.
Backpacking can be physically exhausting. Cooking and meal prep can add unnecessary time and stress (not to mention weight!) to your day. You want to be taking in the scenery and soaring over mountains, not fiddling with the stove and waiting on your food to cook. Therefore, ease and minimal preparation is a top priority with your backpacking food.

Lets dig into our suggested ultralight backpacking meal plan. Nutritional breakdown included.
1) Breakfast: The "Concoction"
Get a big nutritional (and caffeine!) jump start without cooking. Carnation Instant Breakfast Mix, Brownie Mix, Oats and Instant Coffee Powder. Mix it all up into one, secure bag at home before leaving. Eyeball your 1/5 portion each morning into a cup and add some water. Mix it and sluuuurp it up.

2) Snack A: Trail Mix
A hiking staple. A nut variety (peanuts, pecans, cashews, sunflower seeds, almonds, pistachio, etc.) plus dried fruits (raisins, cranberries, blueberries, mango, pineapple, strawberry, banana, etc). Trail Mix provide dense calories, carbs, sugar and healthy fat.

3) Lunch: Greenbelly Meal
Just tear open and eat. Loaded with a whopping 33% of your daily nutrition using only natural ingredients: Calories, Carbs, Protein, Fats, Sodium and Fiber. Sure to be a filling mid-day meal without any mess or cleanup.

4) Snack B: Peanut Butter and Crackers
Again, dense and easy nutrition - protein, calories, fat. Peanut butter is a backpacking food essential. Can be lathered on and tastes good on almost anything.

5) Dinner: Noodles, Veggies, Chicken and Olive Oil
The day is over - bust out the mashed potatoes and instant noodles and cold rehydrate them in a P-nut Butter for about 30 minutes. Fresh vegetables don't pack very well so drop in some dried veggies. A packet of chicken provides dense protein. Olive oil is a nice boost of fat and calories, not to mention it tastes great.

6) Night Snack: Tea and Dessert
Mix up some Instant coffee and sit by the fire with something sweet (candy, whatever) or savory before bed.


Instant Breakfast
(Half Box) 9oz 920cal

Brownie Mix
(Half Box) 9oz 1100cal

Honey bunches of Oats
(2.5 cups) 7oz 750cal

Instant Coffee
Pouch (x 5)

Snack A

Honey Bun (or Trail Mix)


Greenbelly Meal

Snack B

Peanut Butter (1 Jar)


Noodle / Rice / Instant Potatoes Pack (x 5)
Dinner - Tuna Pouch (x 5)
Dinner - Dried Veggies (carrot, pea, etc)
Dinner - Olive Oil
Dessert - Candy (x 5)
Dessert - Chamomile Tea (x 5)

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