​​​​​pinhoti national recreation trail / pinhoti millennium legacy trail

a 337.1 mile southern region appalachian trail connector

In case of emergencies, dial 911.​ This is the only public service that will know your exact location

Do phone reset first ~ go to settings / go to privacy / turn on location services

visit the georgia pinhoti trail association for the georgia section trail guides and trail info


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Michelle Markel

super classy adventures

- youtube

- instagram

- 2018 al/ga pinhoti thruhike video series

michelle's thru hike also provided the gps trail measurement for the pinhoti guthook app.

the pinhoti story --

mike leonard.

the pinhoti trail project: atc --

jay hudson at / pt.

pin-chin-sky loop.

john calhoun trail maint.

the real appalachian trail -- justin brymer.

turkey track
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hiking the pinhoti.
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ultralight gearlist: 2021.
ultralight gearlist: 2008.
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zen running.


the pta's busiest month to date ~ feb 2016 ~ 40,168 web hits

current weather @ pinhoti trail mid-point ~ s14 - 7.3 ~ cave spring trailhead

pinhoti links.

alabama adventures.

ten of the toughest adventures in alabama

alabama birding trails.

Pinhoti Trail Sections 1 and 9

alabama conservation.

Alabama: From the Mountains to the Sea / A film documentary by Hunter Nichols and Cat Porter

alabama dept. of conservation & natural resources.

2018/2019 Hunting Season (Pinhoti ~ Zone A)  WEAR ORANGE ~ OCTOBER 15 THRU FEBRUARY 10

Outdoor Alabama

alabama history.



alabama mountains.

Photo tour

alabama state parks.

A 1937 construction video of several of our State Parks

Cheaha, Meaher State Parks

alabama trail building.

Who makes trails in Alabama possible?

americas best long trails.

Backpacker Magazine

appalachian mountains.
Appalachians: Wiki
Appalachian endpoint: south

appalachian trail.

appalachiantrails.com hiking info

appalachiantrails.com 14 other AT connector trails

Appalachian Trail Conservancy​​

Appalachian Trail shuttle services, parking areas and other interesting links 

Flat Stanley / Children's AT stories

Appalachian Trail Extension ~ Pinhoti Trail

appalachian trail southern terminus.

Appalachian Trail southern terminus / NPR
Appalachian Trail southern terminus / Jay T. Hudson ~ pro

Appalachian Trail southern terminus / Jim Owen ~ con

audio / visual ~ critters n stuff.

Links provided by Emily Neale:


My Links:

Bird Calls ~ dead link ~ searching for another... 3/23/18

Beginners Guide to Bird Watching​ ~ Thanks so much Sadie and Katelyn for this great link!!

Mammal Tracks and Sign

Twig Girdler ~ Description   Photos

bicycle helment safety ~ mountain and road bikes.


My name is Abby and I volunteer at a youth center with a safety program for kids. I came across your webpage http://www.pinhotitrailalliance.org/links..html while discussing safety for outdoor activities. We focused on bicycle safety and the importance of protecting one's head. I want to say thank you! 

One of my girls, Jayla, did some web searches at home and found this page that she brought in for me to see - https://www.dandalaw.com/is-a-helmet-worth-it/ 

I suggested that she shares this with you because it had such great information for bike hikers and I also want to impress upon all the kids that by reaching out and simply asking others, like yourself, things can be accomplished that the girls might not otherwise think can. 

black bears in alabama.

2018 ~ alabama department of natural resources / newsletter


campgrounds on the pinhoti.


Talladega Ranger District / South

Cheaha State Park / Section 7

Shoal Creek Ranger Disttrict / North

Pine Glen Campground USFS / Section 10

Coleman Lake Campground USFS / Section 10

Chief Ladiga Trail Campground / Section 12


Sloppy Floyd State Park / Section 20

Fort Mountain State Park / Section 28

cheaha wilderness.

Paul David Mccarty / Cheaha Wilderness / crushed figure 8 / section 6

McDill Point Plane Crash

cherokee native history.


chinnabee silent trail.

The full history of the trail

By Joe Cuhaj / Roots Rated


churches on the pinhoti.

Shoal Creek Baptist Church / s10 ~ 6.3

the civillian conservation corps in Alabama.


conservation fund.

Conservation Fund

Connecting the Pinhoti Trail to the Appalachian Trail

Conservation Fund and NASCAR


controlled burns.

Ecosystem Management

creeks on the pinhoti.


Weogufka Creek Float ~ youtube ~ Section 1

Choccolocco Creek Alliance

Choccolocco Creek Float ~ youtube ~ Section 10

Terrapin Creek Float ~ youtube ~ Section 12


Big Cedar Creek ~ Cave Spring GA. ~ Section 14

Big Cedar Creek Float ~ youtube

discovering alabama.

The Chinnabee Silent Trail episode





A Few Lessons From Walking by Jeremy Scroggins



Alabama Day Hikers

Alabama Forever Wild

Alabama Hiking Trail Society

Alabama Naturalist

American Hiking Society

Anniston Outdoors Association

Anniston Runners Club

ARC Tri Team

Appalachian Trail

Appalachian Trail Section Hikers

Appalachian Long Distance Hikers Association / ALDHA

Backcountry Carry

Backpacking Alabama

Cave Spring

Cave Spring Fall Festival

Cave Spring Mushroom Club

Cheaha and Dugger Wilderness

Friends of the Sipsey Trail

Friends of the Talladega National Forest

Georgia Pinhoti Trail Association

Great Smoky Mountain Photos

Hatchet Creek Festival

North Alabama Outdoors Recreation

Piedmont Plateau Birding Trail

Pinhoti Trail Alliance

Pinhoti Trail Hikers

Pinhoti Trail Runners

Pinhoti Trail Series (running)

Ruffner Mountain Nature Preserve

Shenandoah National Park

Smokey Bear

Sylaward Trail Running

The Wilderness Society


Wild Alabama

Youth Conservation Corps / Alabama

fire towers on the pinhoti.


Forest Fire Lookout Assn.

Multi State

Pinhoti Trail Alliance

Flagg Mountain Tower history ~ Section 1

New Construction: Horn Mountain Tower ~ Section 4

Section 7 ~ Bunker Tower

flagg mountain.

Alabama's Flagg Mountain eyed as AT southern terminus



American Forest

forever wild land trust.

Outdoors Alabama

Birminghan Now - Alabama Forever Wild


geocaching on the pinhoti.

Pinhoti Trail List

Geocaching 101 submitted by Blake Darby / BSA

TROOP 235 ~ Thanks Guys !!

Link submitted by https:// troop235lj.org/


google communities.


heflin, al - section 8/9.

Cahulga Park

Alabama Birding Trails Program

Cleburne County Attractions


Hiking the Appalachians and Beyond

The 12 Best Spring Hikes in Birmingham

Thru Hiking the Pinhoti Trail-Seven Tips ~ RootsRated

The 52 Hike Challenge

hiking books.

Joe Cuhaj

hiking clubs.

American Hiking Society

hiking ethics.

Leave No Trace


hiking trails.

Long Distance Hiking Trails ~ Wiki

American Discovery Trail

Appalachian Trail Conservancy

Benton MacKaye Trail

Continental Divide Trail

Eastern Continental Trail

Florida Trail

Great Eastern Trail
International Appalachian Trail

Pacific Crest Trail

Pinhoti Trail: Wiki

hostels and shuttles on the pinhoti.


Buddy Lique ~ North Pinhoti Trail ~ Buddyl91@gmail.com

Coosa Hiker Hostel

Next Step Hostel

Pinhoti Outdoor Center




indian trail trees.

Indian Country

indian and local legends.

Mt. Cheaha American Indian Legend
Sleeping Giant Mountain American Indian Legend (as seen from wormy's pulpit / section 4)

The Choccolocco Monster (west of Section 9)

jacksonville state university.

Environmental Policy and Information Center

leave no trace.


long leaf pine ecosystem.

PBS Video

Longing for Longleaf:

A story of Landscape - Scale Restoration - National Forest Foundation

michelle markel.

super classy adventures

2018 alabama ~ georgia northbound pinhoti trail thruhike video series



Cave Spring Mushroom Club

national parks.

National Park Service

Visit 44 National Parks ~ Google

national recreation trails.

National Park Service

American Trails

native american legends.

the legend of sleeping giant mountain: talladega, alabama

native american stone structures ~

chocolocco and talladega mountains.

people of one fire

news stories.

Pinky Burns Cabin Arson 3/10/09 / Section 11

Pinhoti Trail in Cave Spring GA / Section 14

Men's Journal / Section 5 & 6

outdoor magazines.

High Country News

pacific crest trail.

Link submitted Mark Bridges (thanks!)
Writer & Blogger 
w: hikeandcycle.com

e: markbridges987@yahoo.com
t: @bridgesmark09

f: Bridges.Mark09

pinhoti millennium legacy trail.

Jacksonville State University

pinhoti trail thru hikes.

Darwin on the Trail / part 1

Darwin on the Trail / part 2

Darwin on the Trail / part 3

Girl Hobo and Rusty / Facebook

thru hiking the alabama section / roots rated

youtube collection of Pinhoti thru and section hikes

pinhoti trail in the news.

The Alabama Pinhoti Trail Enhancement Initiative

The Pinhoti Trail / Heflin Spur Trail

Pinky Burns Cabin Arson 3/10/09 / Section 11
Pinhoti Trail in Cave Spring GA / Section 14
Men's Journal / Section 5 & 6

poisonous plants.

The Southeast US

rail trails.

Chief Ladiga Trail AL Pinhoti Section 12 Wiki

Silver Comet Trail GA  Wiki

Simms Mountain Trail GA Pinhoti Section 18  (correction, the Pinhoti connects at Huffaker Rd. :)

Atlanta to Chattanooga (Silver Comet and state highways)

Friends of the Sipsey Trail

rivers in alabama.

Alabama Scenic River Trail

Alabama Scenic River Trail Canoe Trip

rock and roll.

Beatles Wiki

Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Wiki




Anniston Runners Club

Gadsden Runners Club

Huntsville Track Club

Pinhoti Trail Ultra Running

Pinhoti Trail Adventure Run

Why Most Runners Don't Lose Weight


Seattle Fabrics / no-seeum netting, sylnylon, zippers etc.


See Hostels and Shuttles

side trails.

Section 9 to Heflin

Begin from (?) 0.0 ~ S. FS 500 Trailhead

3.22 miles one way / Cahulga Park / West Heflin

sipsey wilderness.

Sipsey Wilderness Hiking Club

Big Tree Wildfire 2015




American Cancer Society

^^ Links provided by Erica Winters
"Our ambition should be to rule ourselves,

the true kingdom for each one of us;

and true progress is to know more,

and be more, and to do more"
~O. Wilde



^^ Link provided by Virgil Anderson

Addiction Resource


Vaping Daily


snake bites.


spiritual advisors.

Rena Teel, Clay County, AL


ID and Removal

For information about tick-borne illness

symptoms and preventing tick bites visit:



trail maps

Pinhoti Gaia gps map by Geo Sparks

Pinhoti trail maps by Chris Johnson / Mr. Parkay

trail angels.

Trail Angels in Alabama by Joe Cuhaj

trail guides for the pinhoti trail
Life at 2mph
Pinhoti Trail Alliance

Pinhoti Trail Guides Wiki

trail food.


trail journals.

rambling hemlock 2014 / Joan West

mother natures son / John Calhoun

trailjournals.com / Pinhoti Trail


Spider's ECT hike

Nimblewill Nomad's ECT hike

Waterfalls' 2000 Pinhoti Trail Journal

Whitewater's 2016 Pinhoti Thruhike

trail running.

Anniston Runners Club ~ Trail Runners

trees of the southern forests.

Longleaf Pine


ARC Tri Team

Distance wiki


"On Fear" by Scott Tinley

Tri Swimming, Biking, Running

ultralight hiking.


Adventure Alan

Darwin on the Trail FB

Eric the Black

ultralight hiking gear.
Gossamer Gear


Mountain Laurel Designs


Packlite Foods

Alcohol Stove Build YouTube

10 Essentials

Darwin on the Trail

us forest service.



Talladega District (south Pinhoti)

Shoal Creek District (north Pinhoti)

USFS Pinhoti Trail AL



Chattahoochee / Oconee District

USFS ~ Pinhoti Trail ~ GA

waterfalls on the pinhoti.

Alabama / Page 1 / Page 2


Morgan Lake Cascade / Section 7

water purification.

Aqua Mira

Clorox Bleach

Sawyer Mini Filter ~ Wal Mart


web cams.

Cheaha State Park

Smoky Mountains N.P. / West / East

Shenandoah N.P.



The Tennessee Wilderness Proposal


Dugger Mountain Area



Wildflowers of the Southeast



winter camping / safety.

Appalachian Mountain Club

GSMNP Winter Rescue and Winter Safety Guidelines


Zen Habits

^ climb up.