​​​​​pinhoti national recreation trail / pinhoti millennium legacy trail

a 337.1 mile southern region appalachian trail connector

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Michelle Markel

super classy adventures

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- 2018 al/ga pinhoti thruhike video series

michelle's thru hike also provided the gps trail measurement for the pinhoti guthook app.

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the pta's busiest month to date ~ feb 2016 ~ 40,168 web hits

current weather @ pinhoti trail mid-point ~ s14 - 7.3 ~ cave spring trailhead

trail blazes.
Ref: Appalachian Trail Design, Construction and Maintenance


Any type of trail directional guide, weather it is on the ground, trees, rocks, posts or signs, is called a blaze. All of the blazing on the Pinhoti follows the same blazing standards set by the Appalachian Trail Conservancy that are used on the Appalachian Trail.

usfs / alabama blaze standard.
In 2007, the USFS formalized the blazing standards for the Alabama section of the Pinhoti Trail:
New standard trail blaze: Light blue painted vertical rectangle ~ Wal-Mart exterior "pool party".
New standard side trail blaze: White pianted vertical rectangle.
Standard distance between blazes: Around 0.1 miles. 
The blazes will be painted on trees at about eye level and will be about the size of a vertical dollar bill ~ 2”x 6”.
Until the new 2007 standard trail blaze changeover is finished, you may also see some white painted turkey tracks, white plastic diamonds with a turkey track and Silver metal diamonds with a turkey track.

blaze types.


This type consists of a single, vertical rectangle. The standard blaze is used to help you stay on the trail.


This type consists of two vertical rectangles. The second vertical rectangle is set directly above the other with a 1 inch gap in-between them. The double blaze is used as a general caution telling you to be alert for things coming up ahead like side trails, intersections, road crossings, shelters or water sources.


This type also consists of two vertical rectangles. On this variation the top blaze is off-set 2 inches either to the right or left. The off-set double blaze is used to alert you of an upcoming change in the trail direction, such as a switchback or any type of abrupt left or right turn. The top blaze off-set signifies the turn direction.

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