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current weather @ pinhoti trail mid-point ~ s14 - 7.3 ~ cave spring trailhead

pinhoti trail history.

the alabama section.

? ~ the eastern continental trail.
The Pinhoti Trail becomes Section 4 and 5 of the ECT.

? ~ the great eastern trail.
The Pinhoti Trail becomes Section ? and ? of the GET.

? ~ pinhoti national recreation trail designation.

? ~ blue mtn. shelter construction / section 7.
The Blue Mountain Shelter was constructed by a private contractor hired by the USFS.

1972 ~ 76 ~ youth conservation corps.


1972 ~ trail construction.
the beginning of the pinhoti trail
The Pinhoti Trail was initially begun in the early 1970's by the US Forest Service. The trail was the brainchild of Forest Service employees Jim Bylsma and Bobby Bledsoe.

Construction of the first portion of the trail begins in the Shoal Creek / Coleman Lake area north of US 78 and I-20. Construction of the second portion of the trail begins from Cheaha State Park south to Adams Gap.

1972 ~ original pinhoti trail construction.
Email from Steve Burleson (10-22-14)
“I was part of the Youth Conservation Corp in Talladega National Forest in the summer of 1972. We began cutting the Pinhoti Trail near Coleman Lake. That summer we completed that first section from Coleman Lake to Pine Glen. At the time I was 18, which makes me the oldest alumni of the YCC in Alabama.
1972 ~ pinhoti trail history – Steve Burleson.
copied from pta fb post (12-20-17)
I was lucky to be selected for the U.S. Forest Service Youth Conservation Corps (YCC) in the Talladega National Forest in 1972, its inaugural year. There were 48 of us guys housed at Fort McClellan. Our leader was Paul Paradzinski.

Part of our work was cutting the first section of a new trail – The Pinhoti Trail. The route had been laid out before the program began with red tape or flags every 25 yards or so. We connected the dots. The first section started at Coleman Lake. We just walked out into the woods and started cutting trail southward. At first with fire rakes and brush axes. Further along there was a lot of work with picks and shovels to cut the trail into the slopes. By the end of the summer the trail was cut to the Shoal Creek Campground. It was a fantastic experience!

Below is an article about the YCC;
The Anniston Star from Anniston, Alabama · Page 7 March 21, 1972
Under a federal program new to this area, 48 high school-aged youths will work in Talladega National Forest for eight weeks this summer, studying the natural environment while "learning the meaning of a day's work for a day's pay."

Initiation of the program here is possible through an agreement between the U.S. Forest Service and Ft. McClellan. Army barracks and food service will be provided to the youths during the program, called the Youth Conservation Corps. The participants, who must be 15 but not yet 19 years old, will be selected through their school systems.

Of the 48, 24 will be from Birmingham. Four youths will come from Calhoun County and four from Anniston. Clay, Cleburne and Talladega Counties will each provide several participants, as will the cities of Talladega and Ashland, according to a Forest Service spokesman.

JAMES E. BYLSMA, assistant forest supervisor for recreation of the U.S. Forest Service in Alabama, said Ft. McClellan is ideally suited for the program because housing is available there and Talladega National Forest is adjacent.

Col. William McKean, post commander, was credited by forest officials for making the program possible here through Army cooperation and allowing it to expand from a tentative 40 to the planned 48-member program.

Forest Supervisor Arthur D. Woody said "it almost amounted to a program or no program" before McKean offered the use of fort facilities. With the money saved through their use, the program was expanded to 48 persons, he said. The participants in the program will earn $300, plus their room and board, for working in the forest.

Their duties, said Bylsma, will be varied, and will include trail building, roadside pick-up, planting trees, painting signs and recreational facilities, cutting brush on roads and surveying. One counselor for every eight participants will explain concurrently the reasons behind the work.

Paul Paradzinski, temporary manager of the Talladega Ranger Service, said the youths will learn about air and water control and forest and wildlife management.

https://www.nps.gov/subjects/youthprograms/ycc.htm[No automatic alt text available.]

1973 ~ from “hiking alabama” website guest book.
by Tim Lewis ~ 1973
In 1973, I worked as a junior in high school for the Youth Conservation Corps and part of our job was building the Pinhoti Trail in the Pine Glen, Sweetwater Lake and Coleman Lake area. It's gratifying to know that people use it.

1976 ~ lower shoal shelter construction / section 9.
Email from Debbie Collins ~ YCC ~ May 2009
Hi! I was perusing your site, reading about the Pinhoti Trail. ; It's been years since we last visited the trail. My interest dates back to 1976 when I worked for the USFS in the Youth Conservation Corps. That year one of the jobs we had was trail maintenance up near Cheaha MT.

Another job we had, which is why I am writing you, was shelter construction. In 1976 the YCC built Lower Shoal Shelter. You have it listed as a FS project in 1984. Believe me, the YCC built it. 

The week my team worked that job, the shelter floor and sides had already been built. (Each of the eight weeks of work with YCC was a different job in a different place.) For our week, we hauled in by wheelbarrow the shingles, nails, more lumber, paint / stain. The truck parked on a fire road and we hiked in from N to S (I believe) along a narrow trail on the side of a hill / mountain. (Low side was on our left as we hiked in.) We carried bundles of shingles on our shoulders or heads (we wore safety helmets).

One memorable time: we had the wheelbarrow fully loaded with supplies and the guy pushing it lost balance on that narrow trail and the contents spilled out, tumbling down the hill. It took us a while to retrieve everything and get back to work. After hauling supplies in, that week we stained the wood and I believe the guys laid shingles. As I remember it, it was a hard, yet enjoyable week.

Sincerely, Debbie Collins​

1976? ~ ycc - laurel shelter construction / section 10.
Copied from the shelter register at Laurel Shelter Mar. 20, 2015.
I helped build this shelter with a YCC crew years ago. Went on to have a 30+ year career with the F.S.
Just retired and back here to visit. It was nice to see the shelter and drift back a few minutes. Thanks for maintaining this place.

Clint McGuffee
Now of Superior Montana / Lolo National Forest.

1977 / 1978 ~ trail construction / section 6, 9, 10.
The 21.5 mile first portion of the Pinhoti Trail (Shoal Creek / Coleman Lake) is completed by the USFS - YSS, giving the Pinhoti a total distance of 21.5 miles. The 11.3 mile second portion of the Pinhoti Trail (Cheaha south to Adams Gap) is completed by the USFS, giving the Pinhoti a total distance of 32.8 miles

1983 ~ cheaha wilderness designation.
section 6.
67,490 acres south of Cheaha State Park was designated as the Cheaha Wilderness. The dedication ceremony was held at Cheaha State Park on the south end of Hernandez Peak in mid August.1983 ~ Linking the Pinhoti to the Appalachian Trail.

The Wilderness Coalition co-chair and Pinhoti Trail advocate Michael Leonard, announces at the Cheaha Wilderness dedication a plan to link the Pinhoti Trail to the Appalachian Trail.

1983 or 1984 ~ trail construction / sections 7 and 8.
The 27.1 mile third portion of the Pinhoti Trail (Cheaha State park north to Shoal Creek/Coleman Lake area) is completed by the USFS, giving the Pinhoti a total distance of 59.9 miles.

1985 ~ connecting alabama to the appalachian trail.
The formal effort to link Alabama to the Appalachian Trail began in February, 1985 with the incorporation of the Alabama Trails Association, whose membership began construction of Section 13 at the High Point Trailhead / US 278 and going north to the Georgia state line.

late 80's and 90's ~ trail construction / section 13.
Info captured from a Facebook post

Dale Burns
I started backpacking in the mid-1980's. I spent a lot of time on the Pinhoti Trail in the late 1980's and 90's. I also was a member of the Board of Directors of the Alabama Trails Association. Actually spent some time building, if I remember correctly, some of the Chinnabee Silent Trail (section 6) with my fire rake. That was a long time ago, can't really remember. At that time, I'd backpacked a large portion of the trail. I attended the ceremony commemorating the connection with Appalachian Trail several years ago. Recently, someone I work with showed a huge interest in starting to backpack. Which got my interest up again. Which is why I'm here now. At 52, I actually may start backpacking again. And this is my trail of choice!

1986 ~ forest service boundary extended / Section 12.
The US Forest Service receives 3 million dollars from Congress to purchase 6000 acres of land from the Nature Conservancy. This purchase extended the northern boundary of the Talladega National Forest from Dugger Mountain north to the Cherokee / Cleburne County line, which also provided a trail corridor for the Pinhoti. This land includes Oakey Mountain, Wilson Ridge, Maxwell Gap and Augusta Mine Ridge.

1988 ~ cheaha wilderness expanded.
An unknown number of acres are added to the wilderness.

1990 ~ trail easement for section 13 granted.
Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Willis sign a Permanent Trail Easement for the Pinhoti across 5 miles of their property, which includes Davis and Indian Mountains, in April of 1990.

1999 ~ dugger mountain wilderness designation.
section 11.
The 9220 acre area surrounding Dugger Mountain was designated as the Dugger Mountain Wilderness.

2000 ~ pinhoti millennium legacy trail.
The Pinhoti Trail was formally designated a Millennium Legacy Trail in a ceremony at the White House by Hillary Clinton.

2000 / 2005 ~  solo’s alabama measurement.
The original 2003 edition of the Pinhoti Trail Guide was the product of my second southern terminus to northern terminus measurement of the Alabama side of the Pinhoti using a measuring wheel.

The first measurement consisted of 23 out and back day hikes and overnighters during the winter of 2000 / 2001.

The second measurement was completed with 27 out and back day hikes and overnighters during the winter of 2001 and 2002.

In the early spring of 2005, the measurement of the newly completed Section 4 was done with 4 day hikes.

In the winter of 2014, the measurement of the newly completed Section 3 was done with 4 day hikes.

2002 ~ trail construction / section 13.
Copied from the ATA website; By  Bob Williams. The Alabama Trails Association completed the trail (Section 13) this year when volunteers brought the trail to the (GA) state line near Piedmont, capping an effort that began in 1985.

2004 ~ davis mountain shelter construction / section 13.
The Davis Mountain Shelter was built by the Alabama Trails Association, Georgia Pinhoti Trail Association, Horn Mountain Trail Club, Appalachian Trail Club of Alabama and many volunteers,

2005 jan. ~ usfs gps survey.
The USFS is on the verge of completing a highly detailed GPS Survey of the APT.

2005 trail construction / section 4.
Feb. 10 ~Trail construction of Section 4 begins today at Porter's Gap.
Mar. 9 ~ Trails Unlimited completes Section 4! As agreed, the crew bulldozed 14.56 miles of the 18 mile distance during their 40 day contract and they did a great job, leaving only 3.44 miles for local clubs to hand build.

2005 ~ trail construction / section 4.
An 18 mile southern extension of the Pinhoti Trail, traveling from the old Pinhoti southern terminus at Porter's Gap / AL 77 south to Bull Gap / AL 148, was completed by the USFS, Trails Unlimited, Horn Mountain Trail Club, Appalachian Trail Club of Alabama and the Alabama Trails Association.

2005 june 15 ~ length of pinhoti trail changes.
All of the trail mileages listed in the trail guides have been updated to reflect the recent addition of 18 miles from the recent addition of Section 4.

2005 july 9 ~ 3 new trail shelters.
Millennium Legacy Trail Designation Grant
Construction of 3 new trail shelters at Choccolocco Watershed, North Dugger Mountain and Oakey Mountain will begin in the near future. Funding is in place, all of the required site surveys have been completed and the bidding process has begun.

Word from Big H at the Shoal Creek Work Center is that Oakey Mountain is the first in line. The access route for hauling in materials to this site is an old woods road / fire break and is by far the most challenging of the three and will require a lot of work.

2005 july 16 ~ section 13 trail construction.
New Pinhoti Trail construction begins between AL / GA state line and Cave Spring, GA.

2005 ~ hawkins hollow tent platform / section 13.
The Hawkins Hollow Tent Platform was built by the Alabama Trails Association.

2006 jan. 13 ~ horn mountain ccc project / section 4.
Chris Koehn from Wisconsin will rebuild the CCC picnic pavilion on Horn Mt. In the future, hikers will be welcome to visit the Fire Tower / CCC Picnic Pavilion area via a spur trail, which will be constructed in a joint effort by the FS and local trail clubs. Total reconstruction time was 5 months.

2006 jan. 13 ~ shelter supplies.
The supplies for three new shelters are at the Heflin work center and construction will start soon after deer hunting season is over.

2006 feb. 18 ~ north dugger mtn. shelter / section 12.
The North Dugger Mountain Shelter was built by the USFS and private contractor.

2006 mar 4 ~ choccolocco creek shelter / section 11.
The Choccolocco Creek Shelter was built by the USFS and private contractor..

2006 mar 28 ~ oakey mtn. shelter / section 12.
The North Dugger Mountain Shelter was built by the USFS and private contractor.

2006 June 4 ~ davis moutain shelter ~ Section 13.
The Alabama Trails Association completed its first trail shelter on Davis Mountain, with several Alabama Trail Clubs lending a hand and the Georgia Pinhoti Trail Association. The Log Cabin Kit was funded with a generous grant from Alabama Power.

2007 february 17 ~ new footbridge / section 13.
A new footbridge has been constructed at mile 137.7, just below the Spring Creek Shelter, on the Jackson Chapel Section in Georgia by the Alabama Trails Association. This bridge has been named the Lead Dog Bridge in honor of Gene Padgham’s many years of volunteer work on the Pinhoti. Thanks Lead Dog!

2007 april 21 ~ spring creek shelter / section 13.
A new picnic table has been constructed at the shelter site by the Alabama Trails Association.

2007 june 14 ~ spring creek shelter / section 13.
Construction of the Pinhoti Trail's newest shelter has begun. The foundation and floor were built today by 7 Alabama Trails Association club members. The site is in Section 13 about a mile north of the Georgia line, mile 172.0. Construction is expected to be completed around September. This project is being funded from the club treasury and private donations.
May. 08 ~ A metal fire ring with grill top was carried to the site.

July 19 ~ 11 ATA members successfully raised the walls on the new shelter this weekend and also poured the footings for the porch supports. Cost estimates still suggest a completed shelter for under $1500. Special thanks to all who made the trip Saturday! August will be our summer break and construction of the roof will begin the 3rd Saturday in September.

October ~ Wow, thanks to the 15 or 20 folks who showed up to  finish the shelter on a 2 day work trip, with a campout Saturday night. This is the first Pinhoti Trail shelter in Georgia and the location is at mile 172.0 in Section 13, 0.8 miles north of the state line, and 1.9 miles south of the Jackson Chapel Trailhead.

2007 november 19 ~ trail construction / section 13.
At the far north end of Section 13 where the new 2.6 mile trail bed from the state line to the first road crossing in Georgia, Jackson Chapel Road, is now open to hikers. Although there are still a few small sections of trail that need to be dug, the entire trail corridor has been cleared of trees and brush and has also been blazed going north and south.

2007 ~ rebecca mountain / section 3.
An app. 12.5 mile southern extension traveling from the old Pinhoti southern terminus at Bull Gap / AL 148 south to the southern boundary of the Talladega National Forest at FS 603A began with the laying of the flag line by the USFS.

2007 november 3 / section 3.
The USFS Trails Unlimited crew has begun trail construction on the north end of Section 3 at Bull Gap. Thanks to Horn Mountain Trail Club member Tim Presley for notification. The work is being done by the USFS, the USFS Trails Unlimited crew from California, The Alabama Hiking Trail Society and hikers. 

2008 ~ new trail / section 13.
The Alabama Trails Association completed 2.6 miles of new trail from the Georgia State Line north to the Jackson Chapel Trailhead.

2008 ~ pinhoti / appalachian trail connection. 
Dedication ~ Section 6
A 10,000 pound limestone and granite boulder with dedication plaque was placed at Cheaha State Park on the north end of Hernandez Peak commemorating the connection of the Pinhoti Trail to the Appalachian Trail.

2008 march 25 ~ bull gap trailhead construction.
Section 4
Construction by the USFS of the new Bull Gap Trailhead parking area, to begin this month. The perimeter of the parking area has been staked out and the required FS surveys have been scheduled.

2008 may 14 ~ trail closure: mother's day tornado.
The email below is from the FS in reference to northbound trail mile 103.3 ~ AL 281 
Crossing. This area is about 3 miles south  of US 78 - Heflin, Section 8.
Hello everyone!
Some of you know that this weekends storm did some damage in Heflin. Yesterday we 
discovered expansive blow downs along Highway 281. The Pinhoti along highway 281 is NOT accessible. The portion of the Pinhoti that we know has the most damage is where the Pinhoti crosses the scenic drive (AL 281), between the two gas pipelines. We are posting this section of trail closed until further notice. Hikers can use highway 281 as an 
alternate route for this portion of trail.

I would like to ask those of you who have web sites or access to web sites to please post 
this information on your site. We do not know the total extent of the damage to the 
Forest in that area yet. I will keep you informed on this situation.

Thank you all!

Lesley M. Hodge
Natural Resource Specialist
USDA- Talladega National Forest- Shoal Creek RD
45 Highway 281
Heflin, AL 36264
256/463-5385 fax
Email: lhodge@fs.fed.us
Depending on the size of the blowdown area, a possible alternative route would be to hike
north on the Pinhoti until you reach the 102.5 ~ Plantation Pipeline, which is less than a 
mile before the AL 281 Crossing mentioned above. Leave the Pinhoti here by turning left and following the pipeline right of way a short distance up to AL 281.

Turn right and follow AL 281 for 2 or 3 miles to where the Pinhoti comes onto AL 281 to cross the US 78  bridge. Follow the blue blazes across the bridge and turn right on the first dirt road, FS 500. Continue appx. 100 yards to the South FS 500 Trailhead parking area, on the right.

2008 june 7 ~ national trails day / section 11.
This year’s NTD project area will be the Burns Trailhead at the southern terminus of Section 11. Activities will include the installation of a new info board, clearing brush between the road and the parking area, clearing the CR 55 trail crossing and also a cook-out provided by the Forest Service and the Trail Clubs. The meeting time will be 10am.

2008 ~ porters gap trailhead construction.
Section 5
A new trailhead parking area was completed at Porter's Gap by the USFS and the Alabama Department of Transportation. The new parking area was built because the re-routing of AL 77 took the highway through the old parking area.

2008 april 5 ~ oakey mountain shelter / section 12.
Join the ATCA, ATA and HMTC trail clubs for the construction of a picnic table at the Oakey Mountain Shelter. We will meet at the Jack's in Piedmont on US 278, 2 blocks east of the US 278 / AL 9 intersection, at 9am central. Tools will be provided.

Update 4/7: A great turnout with 5 of the Pinhoti trail clubs represented, 3 PTA board members, 1 GA Dept. of Natural Resources rep., plus many friends, managed to hand carry all materials and tools 1.5 miles up the north side of Oakey Mountain to the shelter site (IN ONE TRIP!!) Thanks to all!

2009 ~ burns trailhead / section 11.
The cabin was located at Pinhoti Trail mile 136.1 ~ Burns Trailhead.
Here is a quote from The Anniston Star, Thursday, March 12:
“Pinky Burns' cabin, a Rabbittown landmark since the late 1800's, burned to the ground Tuesday night ( Mar. 10) and the three people suspected to be responsible for (setting fire to) it are being held at the Calhoun County jail, according to the Sheriff's Office. The log cabin's two chimneys are all that remain of the building, which belonged to Pinky Burns, a locally famous trapper, hunter and storyteller who lived there until his death in 1999 at the age of 81.”

2009 ~ bull gap trailhead construction / section 4.
The new trailhead parking area on the south end of Section 4, at Bulls Gap, has been completed by the US Forest Service.

2009 may 13 ~ rebecca mountain / section 3.
Courtesy of Mike Leonard ~ Continued progress on the Pinhoti. In the last week or two, the Conservation Fund closed on the 1100 or so acre Evergreen Tract on the crest of Rebecca Mountain at the south end of the Talladega National Forest (Section 3).

We expect the U.S. Forest Service to buy it from the Fund by early June. This means that the final and southernmost portion of the Pinhoti in the Talladega National Forest can be built along a dramatic ridge crest route.

$550,000 of the $1,500,000  cost was covered by private funds from a conservation donor based in N.C. That private money had much to do with the U.S. Forest Service making it a high priority project.

2009 ~ rebecca mountain / section 3. 
As planned, the Forest Service has purchased the Evergreen Tract from the Conservation Fund and the Pinhoti Trail corridor through here is now protected by the USFS.

2009 november 18 ~ rebecca mountain / section 3.
Copied from FS Today (FS e-mag) “NASCAR, Conservation Fund Procure Pinhoti Trail Lands Regional Forester Liz Agpaoa recently joined NASCAR driver Bobby Allison and the Ryan Newman Foundation at the Talladega Speedway in Alabama for a “Racing for Wildlife” fundraising event announcing additional funds for a special land acquisition in Region 8.

Because of the efforts such as this event, the Pinhoti National Trail now stretches across 133 miles of the Talladega and Shoal Creek Ranger Districts. The Conservation Fund, NASCAR and the Forest Service teamed up to add 1,129 acres to the Talladega National Forest in Alabama. The acquisition is significant because the eight-mile crest of Rebecca Mountain is a major ridge on the Appalachian Mountains, and this land completes the Pinhoti Trail on National Forest System land in the state.

The government Land and Water Conservation Fund contributed $1.5 million of federal funding toward purchasing the Rebecca Mountain land from the Conservation Fund. An anonymous donor provided the $450,000 needed to complete the $1.97 million transaction. The Conservation Fund supported early negotiations and defrayed costs by providing an appraisal and a survey.

Forest Supervisor Miera Nagy said the new addition allows the Pinhoti Trail to connect people to some of the most spectacular landscapes for exercise, adventure and solitude.”

2010 ~ alabama trail signs.
During the months of January and February, App. 50 trail info signs have been placed on the Pinhoti Trail. These signs were furnished by the USFS - Shoal Creek Ranger District of the Talladega National Forest. The area covered is the northern half of Alabama's side of the Pinhoti Trail in the Talladega National Forest from mile 96.7 ~ US 431 Trailhead to the mile 161.1 ~ High Point Trailhead, Sections 8 thru 12.

These signs have been placed at: all trailheads, all paved roads, all usable dirt roads, all trail shelters and the Dugger Mountain Wilderness. At each location, except the shelters, there are two signs, one shows mileage to southbound landmarks and the other shows mileage to northbound landmarks. The shelters have one sign showing mileage to both north and south landmarks.

2010 con't
The Appalachian Trail Club of Alabama has produced and donated comparable signs to the Alabama Trails Association that cover Section 13, from mile 161.1 ~ High Point Trailhead up to mile 173.9 ~ Jackson Chapel Trailhead ~ this section covers the Alabama Pinhoti from the northern boundary of the Talladega National Forest to just past the Georgia state line. All of these signs were installed by volunteers from Alabama's Pinhoti Trail Clubs.

2010 march 9 ~ (GA) sections 26, 27, 28.
Georgia Pinhoti Trail ~ The road walk through Dalton and Chatsworth, GA has been changed. It still crosses I-75 on GA 52, but then it drops south a few miles to continue east through the Conasauga valley to Ramhurst instead of crossing the valley on GA 52 to Chatsworth and then south on US 411 to Ramhurst.

This southern route is much less populated and better reflects the general area where property may be purchased to put the Pinhoti Trail in the woods some day. This re-route has added 10.3 miles to the total length of the Pinhoti (334.9).

2010 march 31 ~ flagg mountain / section 1.
Here is a recent email I received From Mike Leonard “The Father of the Pinhoti Trail” / The Conservation Fund. For those of you who don't know Mike, he has been involved in the acquisition of over 7000 acres of Pinhoti Trail corridor. Out of respect, please conduct yourselves accordingly.

"I am working hard on resolving trail terminus issues in the vicinity of Flagg Mountain/Weogufka State Forest. There is great promise in my efforts, but as with many transactions, I cannot disclose details until they are "nailed down".

"In that regard, it would be helpful to remove any pictures or references to the stone tower on Flagg from the website. It would also be helpful to put a notice on the description of Section 1 that the first 6.5 miles of the trail route are being re-evaluated and that the area around the tower is not open to the public. Thus, hikers might want to treat the crossroads at Weogufka as the southern end of the trail pending further developments".

2010 april 16 ~ simms mountain rail trail.
This is from a couple of emails I've received from Mike Leonard “The Father of the Pinhoti Trail” with The Conservation Fund:

Recently, the Georgia Pinhoti Trail Association completed the grading for the trail that will replace the road walk between mile 214.3 and mile 215.5 at the north end of Section 19 . I will try to get a description of the new "woods trail " to you. The length will be pretty much the same, maybe one tenth of a mile shorter.

Note: this is really good for the Pinhoti because it will knit the 12 mile rail trail and the 57.6 miles of trail in the old ( west of I-75 ) Armuchee District of the Chattahoochee National Forest into one whole. It will do so by enabling the large U.S. Forest Service trailhead parking lot on Georgia Highway 100 (215.5 ~ High Point Trailhead) at the foot of the south end of Taylor Ridge to be used as a trailhead parking lot for both the trail leading north along Taylor Ridge and to access the rail trail which leads south.

The grading was done with an excavator to prepare a trail bed suitable for horses and mountain bikes. Thus, it is pretty much finished.

2010 may 11 ~ chief ladiga trail campground / section 12.
Trail mile 152.8. If you're going north on Section 12, once you come down off Oakey Mountain and reach the 152.8 ~ Chief Ladiga Rail Trail, the Pinhoti turns right on the CLT.

To reach the campground, turn left on the CLT. Go about 100 yards. The entrance is on the right. The owner, Charley Fagan, former Piedmont Mayor, has been working on this for quite a while and it should be open soon (weeks, months ?). LOTS of campsites on Terrapin Creek and a new building under construction (office, store, bathhouse ?). Check back for updates.

update 6-6-10
Found a link for the campground:
It states that primitive camping is allowed now, though no mention of rates.

update 11-15-10
The campground is up and running. When finished, there is expected to be 160 campsites. There are RV sites now with no power or water hookups and the dumping station is not completed yet. Primitive campsites are available and the heated bath house has been completed. There is a men's side and women's side with 4 toilets and 4 showers on each side. The sites are $15 per night. Additional contact info: Bill Fann - Project Manager3180 Co. Rd 94 Piedmont, AL 36272 ~ 256-591-9207 ~

2012 january 10 - dead truck / section 7.
John Calhoun reported that the Dead Truck (Section 7 - mile 86.6) has vanished.... Guess that nixes my plans to make it into a trail shelter - Doh !!!!! Hey John, reckon someone just took it out for a spin and is coming right back?

2012 september 28 - trail completion / section 3.
The completion of the trail along Rebecca Mountain was officially announced on September 28 at the National Public Lands Day celebration, which was held at the new Trammel Trailhead located on the southwest end of Section 3. The morning’s activities included putting the finishing touches on the trailhead parking area, installing the trail kiosk and also a good bit of trail maintenance north of the trailhead.

In a larger sense, the celebration was also about completely finishing the Pinhoti Trail from the southern boundary of the Talladega National Forest, east of Sylacauga, to the northern terminus, north of Piedmont, for a total of 138.2 miles. This has been a consistent effort that has spanned more than 4 decades. Congrats to everyone who has contributed in any way to the dream.

2013 ~ hawkins hollow shelter / section 13.
You will come to the shelter about 60 yards before you reach the tent platform, at mile 166.7. This makes the third shelter that the Alabama Trails Association has built. It was funded with an ADECCA Grant.

2015 march 22 ~ weogufka creek shelter / section 1.
This was an Alabama Forever Wild project located on Weogufka Creek at Trail mile 2.1.

2015 march 22 ~ flagg mountain trailhead / section 1.
Outdoor Alabama
Work is now complete on the southern terminus of the Pinhoti National Recreation Trail located in the Forever Wild Land Trust / Weogufka State Forest Addition in Coosa County, Alabama. The new construction includes a 5.3-mile section of woods trail ~ a previous road-walk that was rerouted through the forest, the Weogufka Creek Shelter at mile 2.1
and also the new Flagg Mountain trailhead parking area.

2015 May ? ~ cheaha state park / ccc worker statue at bunker tower / section 7.

info provided by Larry Faulkner - "Statue courtesy of one Grant Atkinson of my old BSA Troop. Quite the Eagle Scout project."

2017 ~ family historical recollection of the burns

homested / trailhead.
The Burns Homestead/Trailhead is at the southern terminus of the Dugger Mountain Wilderness.

2017 mar 2 ~ oakey mountain shelter / section 12.
2 sets of entry steps have been added to the shelter, plus a nameplate has been added over the entrance side of the shelter. The work was done, and the materials were furnished by members of The Appalachian Trail Club of Alabama. The work crew consisted of O’ Kenney Hiker, Tom Coffield, David Allen and Van Phillips.

Looks great guys. Thanks!

2017 dec 20 ~ pine glen campground.
Van Phillips and Howard Gilham installed a great set of crosstie steps on the north side of FS500,​

^ climb up.