​​​​​pinhoti national recreation trail / pinhoti millennium legacy trail

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the pta's busiest month to date ~ feb 2016 ~ 40,168 web hits

current weather @ pinhoti trail mid-point ~ s14 - 7.3 ~ cave spring trailhead

turkey track 2007.

December 20 ~ Site Update
The Pinhoti Databook has been re-named to the Pinhoti Guide Book. The link for this new page is at the top of the Site Map page. The new Guide Book covers both Alabama and Georgia. It also contains all of the recent changes to the Pinhoti: the Section re-numbering, the Alabama Section re-alignment and the 
Alabama road walk from the new Pinhoti southern terminus at Flagg Mountain up to the old southern terminus at Bull Gap. The Guide Book does not contain descriptions of the Georgia road walks yet. The Alabama portion of the Guide Book is from the old databook and Georgia is from the Pinhoti Trail Guide on the Georgia Pinhoti Trail Association web site compiled by Marty Dominy.

November 19 ~ Trail Closure Update
Here is an update from a trail closing that was posted here on March 17:
" At the quarterly Alabama Trails Association board meeting it was decided that the southern half of the ATA Section from the High Point Trailhead at mile 126.8, north to the Salem Church Road Crossing at mile 131.8, is now officially closed until further notice due to timber operations in that area. "

As of November 17th, the ATA Section (now Section 13) has been reopened to the hiking community. All of the timber harvest damage on the 5.0 mile southern end of this Section, from the High Point Trailhead to the Salem Church Road Crossing, has been cleared.

Nearly all of the original white plastic trail markers are missing, so the trail has been heavily flagged with orange / pink flagging tape. The flags will soon be replaced with the Pinhoti standard light blue painted rectangles.

The timber harvest damage on the north end of Section 13, the first 1/2 mile north of Salem Church Road, has not been cleared but has been flagged well enough for hiking. The ATA Board has had several discussions about re-routing the trail about 100 yards to the right, east, of the original trail route. This would put the trail following along the creek that goes up to the frog pond at Hawkins Hollow, trail mile 132.2. Theoretically, the EPA controls the distances to / from water sources that timber operators can work. Building the trail close to the creek may ensure a longer lifespan for the trail. We will be working 
on this section in the near future.

On another note, at the far north end of Section 13 where the new 2.7 mile trail bed from the state line to the first road crossing in Georgia, Jackson Chapel Road, is now open to hikers. Although there are still a few small sections of trail that need to be dug, the entire trail corridor has been cleared of trees and brush and has also been blazed going north and south.

November 14 ~ snailtrail - etrail
The Snail Trail and E Trail Guides have been completed for Sections 1, 2 and 3. Look for the links on the Site Map page at the bottom of the first column. These are the temporary 34.3 mile road walk sections from the new / original Pinhoti southern terminus at Flagg Mountain up to Bull Gap (Section 4).

October 18 ~ Scoping
Scoping for Hiking Trail; Respondents
This October 11, 2007 message from TNF Ranger Kent Evans is in reference to construction of Section 3 of the Pinhoti National Recreation Trail across Rebecca Mountain, which is located at the far southwest corner of the Talladega National Forest.

October 18 ~ Trailhead
Porter's Gap Trailhead update:
The trailhead has been closed (bulldozed) for several months now due to a small stretch of road construction on AL 77 between Talladega and Ashland. The road work is going along well and the east end of this stretch, where the trailhead is located, is being paved now and the beginning of the driveway up to the new trailhead parking area has been finished.

October 18 ~ Activities
Lots of interesting stuff going on these days. Please take a minute to check out the Trail Club calendars by going back to the Site Map and scrolling down the second column to the club links.

October 16 ~ Panorama
A new Flagg Mountain Panorama has been added to that page.

July 30 ~ Trail Guides
Most of this spring and summer has been spent revising the website to include the Georgia section of the trail. 21 new trail guide pages / trail sections have been added that will be filled in as time permits, 3 sections on the southern end of the trail and 18 sections on the northern end. The Trail Guides also now reflect the renumbering of all the sections and the realigning of some of the Alabama sections. Here is a page that explains what this is about.

May 23 ~ NTD
2007 National Trails Day news from Ranger Lesley Hodge

Hello Everyone!
I would like to invite you and anyone you know to attend National Trails Day on June 2 at the Shoal Creek Ranger District. Will meet at the Shoal Creek Work Center in Heflin at 8:00 the morning of June 2. We will be clearing blow down from the Pinhoti NRT near Interstate 20.

Around lunch we will break for a cook out at the Shoal Creek Office. Our Ranger, Kim Bittle, will supply hot dogs and we ask any of you to bring a side dish or other snacks and your drink. Please RSVP to myself so we can get a good estimate on the hot dogs to purchase.

I look forward to seeing you all at National Trails Day!


Lesley M. Hodge
Natural Resource Specialist
USDA- Talladega National Forest- Shoal Creek RD
45 Highway 281
Heflin, AL 36264
256/463-5385 fax
Email: lhodge@fs.fed.us

Directions to the Shoal Creek Work Center:
Exit I ~ 20 at US 431, east of Oxford.
Go north 0.3 miles to US 78. Turn right.
Go 5.3 miles to just before the overhead bridge. Turn left.
Go 0.1 miles to the stop sign at AL 281. Turn Left.
Go through the gate to the District Office / Work Center parking area.

April 21 ~ Picnic Table
A new picnic table has been constructed at mile 137.7 on Section 14 (GA Section 1) by the Alabama Trails Association.

April 1 ~ PTA Formed
A new chapter in the Pinhoti Trail history was set into motion at the AHTS conference as representatives from the maintaining clubs in Alabama along with our friends of the Georgia Pinhoti Trail Association came together to form the Pinhoti Trail Alliance.

March ? ~ Steps
A new set of crosstie steps has been constructed on the north side of the CR 55 Crossing at the Burns Trailhead by the Alabama Trails Association.

March ? ~ ATA Bridge
A new footbridge has been constructed at mile 132.3 on Section 13 (ATA Section), just south of the Hawkins Hollow Tent Platform, by the Alabama Trails Association.

March 17 ~ Trail Closure
At the quarterly Alabama Trails Association board meeting it was decided that the southern half of the ATA Section from the High Point Trailhead at mile 126.8, north to the Salem Church Road Crossing at mile 131.8, is now officially closed until further notice due to timber operations in that area.

As of today, the Davis Mountain Shelter, at mile 128.8, is easily accessable from the High Point Trailhead, but beyond that we couldn't find the trail and doubt that you could either.

The logging is still in progress and may continue for a good while. In the mean time we suggest a road walk from the High Point Trailhead to the Salem Church Road Crossing.

Go left from the High Point Trailhead on US 278 for appx. 200 yards to the first paved road on the right, CR 45. Turn right.
Go 0.5 miles to CR 8, just past the Hurricane Creek Bridge. Turn right.
Go 2.1 miles to the Salem Church Road Crossing, just past a yellow gated logging road on the left.
The north trail is on the left.

We apologize for the inconvenience and hopefully this section will be ready to re-open by next hiking season. I'll start posting work dates as soon as we see the logging and re-planting come to an end.

March 15 ~ Dugger Fire
We got word today from Lesley M. Hodge, USFS Natural Resource Specialist, that the section of trail through the Dugger Wilderness has been re-opened. The fire was contained on the lower north west slope and did not effect the trail corridor.

March 5 ~ Fire
Here is a recent post by Scrambler and Flwrhead on the Hiking Alabama b. board. Thanks guys!
As Flwrhead and I prepared to hike south from Pinky's cabin this past weekend, a truck full of folks from the ranger's office pulled up. I was told that the fire did not burn any of the trail, but they closed the trail as a precaution in case the fire kicked back up. The heavy storms last week put of the fire, but they were still checking places and giving a little more time to make sure the fire doesn't start back. I got the feeling that the section of the Pinhoti that's currently closed won't be closed for as long as the person I talked to on Friday thought it may be.

March 1 ~ Fire
Several emails came in yesterday about a 200 acre wildfire in the Dugger Mountain Wilderness. The FS was asking folks to stay away from FS 500 on the north end of the wilderness and they also said part of the Pinhoti was temporarily closed. Hopefully, todays storms helped to put the fire out. I'll post more info as it becomes available.

Also, the Forest Service has re-opened Lake Chinnabee and Turnipseed Camp today. The Coleman Lake campground will re-open March 15th.

February 17
A new footbridge has been constructed at mile 137.7 on the Jackson Chapel Section in Georgia by the Alabama Trails Association. This bridge has been named the Lead Dog Bridge in honor of Gene Padgham's years of volunteer work on the Pinhoti. Thanks Lead Dog!

February 13 ~ Bridge Construction
The Forest Service has approved the construction of a footbridge at the spring crossing appx. 1 1/2 miles north of the Pine Glen Campground. This is a BSA Eagle Scout project that should begin soon. Check back for details.

February 12 ~ GPS Maps
A new link has been added to the Pinhoti Maps page (sitemap, column 1). Mr. Parkay has just finished a thru hike of the Pinhoti, Alabama Section, and has published a full set of GPS maps. I've only printed a couple so far and they look very good. Check it out!

February 8 ~ Wildflower Page
A new link has been added to the sitemap, 1st column under Pinhoti Trail ~ AL. Adze will be building a Pinhoti Wildflowers page here on the PNRT website. Construction will begin soon, so check back often!

February 6 ~ New Website
A new link has been added to the Sitemap, 3rd column under Pinhoti Forums. Shoals Hikers is a new Yahoo Group that could become a great hiker resource. Take a look!

January 30 ~ ATA Website
Site Update ~ The Alabama Trails Association (ATA) website has disappeared off the face of the earth! Sorry for the inconvenience. Their new website is being built on pnrt.net. The link for the site is:
Please bookmark their site and spread the word. Thanks!

January 30 ~ Forum
Site Update ~ In the 3rd column of the Site map, under PT Forums, the link for Secondwind's board has been up dated. His website is starting to fill out quite a bit and it's very good!

January 18 ~ The Arch
A new Pinhoti Trail Sculpture Archway link has been added to the site map, in the 5th column under PT Related Sites. Steve Nix has photographed all of the hand fired plaques on the Archway. These are native plants and trees found in our local area and makes a great identification guide.

January 4 ~ ATA Harvest
There is an ongoing timber harvest in the ATA Section above and below the 131.8 ~ Salem Church Road Crossing. About 1/2 mile of trail no longer exists and cleanup won't begin until the cutting is finished. Stay tuned...

January 2 ~ Campsite
This past weekend I found an existing campsite at the 59.7 ~ Large Cascade. If you're going northbound, the trail goes right up to the cascade, then makes a left turn and crosses the creek twice. Go about 20 yards past the second crossing, turn left off the trail and bushwhack downhill about 50 yards to the creek. There is a fire ring here and plenty of flat spots. The Trail Guide and Databook have been updated.

^ climb up.