​​​​​pinhoti national recreation trail / pinhoti millennium legacy trail

a 337.1 mile southern region appalachian trail connector

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the pta's busiest month to date ~ feb 2016 ~ 40,168 web hits

current weather @ pinhoti trail mid-point ~ s14 - 7.3 ~ cave spring trailhead

turkey track 2008.

December 16 ~ Trail Map Page Update
See Mr. Parkay's complete set of Pinhoti Trail maps on the Trail Map page, under the 
heading of "Online maps from Hikers". Mr. Parkay has revised the format of all his AL and 
GA maps. He has also added 34.3 miles to all of the landmarks north of the Bull Gap 
Trailhead, in Section 4, to account for his addition of Sections 1, 2 and 3 to his map set.
There is a link to the Trail Map page on the main header of the PTA Site Map.

November 3 ~ Rebecca Mountain Update
The USFS Trails Unlimited crew has begun trail construction on the north end of Section
3 at Bull Gap. Thanks to Horn Mountain Trail Club member Tim Presley for the 

October ~ Spring Creek Shelter Update ~ GA Section
Wow, thanks to the 15 or 20 folks who showed up to finish the shelter on a 2 day
worktrip, with a campout Saturday night. This is the first Pinhoti Trail shelter in Georgia 
and the location is at mile 172.0 in Section 13, 0.8 miles north of the state line, and 1.9 
miles south of the Jackson Chapel Trailhead. See the trailguide on this section for driving 
/ hiking directions. Here is a page with some photos.

September ~ Rebecca Mountain
Trail construction on Section 3, Rebecca Mountain, is scheduled to begin this month.

July 22 ~ Pinhoti Trail Guide Links Update
All of the printable full text Trail Guides in column 1 of the Site Map page have been 
replaced with limited text versions. These will print out at 2 pages each.
The limited text "Pinhoti Trail Pocket Guide", with all 31 sections, is still available for 
purchase. Sections 1 ~ 13 will be available for purchase soon in individual, full text version
Pocket Guides.

July 19 ~ Spring Creek Shelter Update ~ Georgia Section
11 ATA members successfully raised the walls on the new shelter this weekend and also 
poured the footings for the porch supports. Cost estimates still suggest a completed 
shelter for under $1500. Special thanks to all who made the trip Saturday! August will be
our summer break and construction of the roof will begin the 3rd Saturday in September.

July 4 ~ Site Update
The Trail Chronology page has been renamed the Pinhoti Trail History page and has been 
updated. The link to the page is on the Site Map, up at the top, and also in the 3rd column
under Pinhoti Trail.

June 20 ~ USA Today
A new link has been added to the Site Map, in the second column under "Pinhoti in the 
News" - 2008-6 . This article is about the Pinhoti becoming part of the Appalachian Trail.
Be sure to check out the comments at the bottom of the page.
FYI - The PTA website has consistently averaged 100 to 300 hits per day for the last 3 
years. On the day this article was published there were 1093 hits.

June 14 ~ Spring Creek Shelter
Construction of the Pinhoti Trail's newest shelter has begun. The foundation and floor 
were built today by 7 Alabama Trails Association club members. The site is in Section 13 
about a mile north of the Georgia line, mile 172.0. Construction is expected to be 
completed around September. This project is being funded from the club treasury and 
private donations.
A footbridge was built across the creek, just up the trail, in Feb. 07.
A picnic table was built at the shelter site in Apr. 07.
A metal fire ring with grill top was carried to the site in May. 08

June 7 ~ National Trails Day
This years NTD project area will be the Burns Trailhead at the southern terminus of
Section 11. Activities will include the installation of a new info board, clearing brush 
between the road and the parking area, clearing the CR 55 trail crossing and also a 
cook-out provided by the Forest Service and the Trail Clubs. The meeting time will be 

Here are the directions if you're driving up from the south:
Exit I ~ 20 at US 431, east of Oxford.
Go north 0.3 miles to US 78. Turn right.
Go 3.9 miles to AL 9. Turn left.
Go 10.9 miles to CR 55, at the yellow flashing light. Turn right.
Go 4.2 miles to the trailhead parking area, on the left, which is at Mr. Burns old log cabin.

Directions if you're coming from the north:
From Piedmont, go south on AL 9 for 9.1 miles to CR 55, at the yellow flashing light. Turn 
Go 4.2 miles to the trailhead parking area, on the left.

May 30 ~ FS/TC Meeting
Quarterly Forest Service / Trail Club meeting at the Talladega District Ranger Office, 
AL 21 north, 1 block east of the AL 21 /AL 77 intersection. The time is 7pm. Bring snacks,
drinks or just yourself. If you have any questions, call the FS office at 256-362-2909.

May 26 ~ Pinhoti Trail Days
The link to this new page is on the upper left portion of the Site Map page. Pinhoti Trail 
Days is still in the concept stage - any ideas??

May 22 ~ Backpacker Magazine full page Pinhoti Ad
The link to this new page is on the Site Map page, 2nd column, under "Pinhoti in the News".

May 14 ~ Mother's Day Tornado: Trail Closure
The email below is from the FS in reference to northbound trail mile 103.3 ~ AL 281 
Crossing. This area is about 3 miles south of US 78 - Heflin, Section 8.
Hello everyone!

Some of you know that this weekends storm did some damage in Heflin. Yesterday we 
discovered expansive blow downs along Highway 281. The Pinhoti along highway 281 is NOT 
accessible. The portion of the Pinhoti that we know has the most damage is where the 
Pinhoti crosses the scenic drive (AL 281), between the two gas pipelines. We are posting 
this section of trail closed until further notice. Hikers can use highway 281 as an 
alternate route for this portion of trail.

I would like to ask those of you who have web sites or access to web sites to please post 
this information on your site. We do not know the total extent of the damage to the 
Forest in that area yet. I will keep you informed on this situation.

Thank you all!


Lesley M. Hodge
Natural Resource Specialist
USDA- Talladega National Forest- Shoal Creek RD
45 Highway 281
Heflin, AL 36264
256/463-5385 fax
Email: lhodge@fs.fed.us
Depending on the size of the blowdown area, a possible alternative route would be to hike
north on the Pinhoti until you reach the 102.5 ~ Plantation Pipeline, which is less than a 
mile before the AL 281 Crossing mentioned above. Leave the Pinhoti here by turning left 
and following the pipeline right of way a short distance up to AL 281. Turn right and follow 
AL 281 for 2 or 3 miles to where the Pinhoti comes onto AL 281 to cross the US 78 
bridge. Follow the blue blazes across the bridge and turn right on the first dirt road, FS 
500. Continue appx. 100 yards to the South FS 500 Trailhead parking area, on the right.

April 8 ~ Rebecca Mountain
A page has been added to the site map main header titled Rebecca Mountain. This is a 
very interesting and informative publication by the Forest Service concerning the 
development of Section 3 of the Pinhoti Trail. As noted above, actual construction is 
scheduled to begin in September.

April 7 ~ Pinhoti Dedication
A new page has been added to the PTA Website titled News 2008. The link is on the PTA 
Site Map in the second column under the "Pinhoti in the News" heading. This is an article 
that appeared in the Birmingham News on March 9, 2008 about the official March 16 
dedication of the Pinhoti as a completed connector trail to the Appalachian Trail. I have 
transcribed the article to the web site.

April 5 ~ Oakey Mountain Shelter
Join the ATCA, ATA and HMTC trail clubs for the construction of a picnic table at the 
Oakey Mountain Shelter. We will meet at the Jack's in Piedmont on US 278, 2 blocks 
east of the US 278 / AL 9 intersection, at 9am central. Tools will be provided.
Update 4/7: A great turnout with 5 of the Pinhoti trail clubs represented, 3 PTA board 
members, 1 GA Dept. of Natural Resources rep.,  plus many friends, managed to hand 
carry all materials and tools 1.5 miles up the north side of Oakey Mountain to the shelter 
site. Thanks to all!

April ~ Bull Gap Trailhead
Construction by the USFS of the new Bull Gap Trailhead parking area to begin this month.
Update 3/25: The perimeter of the parking area has been staked out and the required 
FS surveys have been scheduled.

April ~ Rebecca Mountain
Construction of the new trail across Rebecca Mountain (section 3) to begin this month.
Update 3/27: Construction has been rescheduled to September.

March 26 ~ Moon Names
A new page has been added to the site titled Native American Moon Names. The link is on
the site map in column 2, at the bottom of the Special Interest section.

March 18 ~ Pocket Guide
The 2008 Northbound Pinhoti Trail Pocket Guide has been completed. The guide covers all 
31 sections of the Pinhoti Trail in both Alabama and Georgia and also includes driving 
directions to all of the section trailheads. This is a no fluff, limited text version that 
compares to the A T Databook, with trail mileages to all of the trailheads, major 
landmarks, road crossings, campsites, water sources, points of interest and trail towns.
Please check here for ordering information.

^ climb up.