​​​​​pinhoti national recreation trail / pinhoti millennium legacy trail

a 337.1 mile southern region appalachian trail connector

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Michelle Markel

super classy adventures

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michelle's thru hike also provided the gps trail measurement for the pinhoti guthook app.

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the pta's busiest month to date ~ feb 2016 ~ 40,168 web hits

current weather @ pinhoti trail mid-point ~ s14 - 7.3 ~ cave spring trailhead

turkey track ~ 2015.

october 6.

Links Page

The "links" page and the "this n that" section of the menu are slowly being filled in. Still a long way to go, so check back every now and then.

august 27.

Pinhoti 100 ~ Ultra Trail Race ~ November 7~8

Pinhoti Trail Series

This Trail Series race begins at mile 119.8 ~ Pine Glen Campground at 7:00 am and follows the Pinhoti Trail south to mile 81.7 ~ Bald Rock Trail. The race course leaves the Pinhoti here and doesn't pick it up again until mile 58.6 ~ USFS 600 Crossing to avoid the Cheaha Wilderness and the Rock Garden. From mile 58.6 ~ USFS 600 Crossing the race course continues south on the Pinhoti to mile 34.3 ~ Bulls Gap Trailhead. From there the race course follows dirt and paved roads, not connected with the Pinhoti, to Sylacauga.

Pinhoti Sections involved ~ 9, 8, 7, 5-south and 4.

If you plan on hiking that weekend, please be aware that you will be sharing the trail with these folks for a little less than 30 hours.

Also be aware that if you plan on parking on the side of the road at a trail crossing (non trailhead area) to hike any time of year or to spectate the race, you will be ticketed by the USFS if all 4 wheels are not completely off the road.

Here is a list of local contact numbers:
USFS office in Talladega ~ 256-362-2909
USFS office in Heflin ~ 256-463-2272
USFS HQ in Montgomery ~ 334-832-4470

july 21.

High Country News ~ www.hcn.org

I found a link on FB today from Callie T. with a really interesting article and thought I would share. I posted it in it's entirety on the "the ramen chronicles" page ~ Ramen Chronicles 10.

I'm not really a poster boy for much of anything. I like swimming, biking, running and hiking. If you don't like these things, I don't care. What you like or don't like is your business.

I thought the first part of the article may have been a little too critical of "non-purists" but the second part, not so much. It was a pretty accurate description of why I love being outside. It could be said that the first part of the article was a pretty accurate description of why others love being outside...

june 25.

Flagg Mountain Open to the Public

This message was posted on Facebook by Callie Thornton - Alabama Hiking Trail Society President.

​​"Great news today! The Flagg Mountain Tower is now open to the public! You will still have to continue to hike up to the tower but you are no longer trespassing. The forestry commission is looking for assistance in restoring the tower and the surrounding cabins so please like the Flagg Mountain

facebook page if you are interested in joining in assisting in this new adventure with AHTS and the Forestry Commission."

june 14.

Site Update

I'm adding all of the old editions of the "Turkey Track" to the site for those who have an interest in Pinhoti Trail trivia. Although some of the entries are about website updates, there are also alot of entries that can be considered historical as far as when and where things have happened on the trail over the years.

Also, in the near ( + / - ) future I'll continue to add trail sections to the snailtrail guides. While the etrail guides easily direct you from point A to point B with limited text, the snailtrail guides offer a more detailed look at the areas the trail passes through. Some of the information has historical value with dates and the people and organizations involved, and some is just personal observation and trivia. 

june 6.

Georgia State Line

Posted on Facebook

"5/24/15 ~ Troop 343 (Huntsville, AL) completed a 15mi, 2-night trek on the Pinhoti this weekend, going from High Point (161.1) over the state line to Santa Claus (176.2). Stayed at Davis Mtn shelter on first night, dry camp on Flagpole Mtn. on second night. Hung up new flags at state line marker."

apr 14.

Trail Bed
Some new information has been added at the top section of the trail bed page. I've seen this topic of concern come up a few times over the years so I thought I would put in my 2 cents worth :)

apr 12.

Forest Reforestation: Who's right - who's wrong? There are thousands and thousands and thousands of acres involved here. Surely we can have any number of projects that don't intrude on other's projects.

mar 29.

Section 14
Here is an important update about ongoing trail construction on Section 14 from Georgia Pinhoti Trail Association member Marty Dominy:
"Work continues on Section 14 (Old Jackson Chapel Road to Cave Spring, GA) east of the Alabama - Georgia state line. Eventually, there will be roughly 7 1/2 miles of trail from the state line to the outskirts of Cave Spring, eliminating some ugly road walking (including the log truck infested Georgia Highway 100). A segment from Old Cave Spring - Cedartown Road to Santa Claus Road has been open for a couple of years. The segment from Santa Claus Road to Highway 100 is complete. The segment from Highway 100 to Esom Hill Road is 2/3 complete. The segment from Esom Hill Road to Old Jackson Chapel Road has been flagged with construction scheduled for later in the year."

mar 22.

Flagg Mtn. Shelter
A new trail shelter has been built on Section 1 at mile 2.1. It was built as a Forever Wild project by the existing campsite at Weogufka Creek.

mar 15.

Section 1
Outdoor Alabama
Ribbon cutting ceremony for the recently completed "Section 1Trailhead Complex" is scheduled for March 22. Check out the Outdoor Alabama website for info.

mar 4.

New limited re-supply / Section 5
This info sent to me by Callie Thornton, pres. AHTS / Owner Coosa"s Hiker Hostel
~ Went and visited a Hunting Supply & Feed store called Hogan's this past weekend. They have a lot of re-supply materials for hikers. They have food, batteries, head lamps, rope and even homemade beef jerky. They are south of the Porter's Gap Trailhead on 77 about 2 miles. Very nice people! I'm sure they would even let you send your re-supply boxes there if you needed them. Owner's name is Bobby Hogan and you can reach him at 256-761-0943 Cell 256-589-1340.

feb 19.

Pinhoti Wilderness areas
Hey Guys! I'm posting an email I got from the Forest Service today. Took me a little by surprise, but In the larger scheme of things, it's neither good nor bad. It just is what it is. Move forward.

Begin email:
One of the things that we are trying to accomplish in our Wilderness Areas is to leave them as natural as possible, for the appearance of being part of the wilderness area setting, to meet the scenic integrity objectives established for wilderness areas and to protect the wilderness character of the area.

In keeping with this theme, we are going to be removing the blazing  from the Pinhoti Trail sections that cross through both Dugger Mountain and Cheaha Wilderness Areas.  Forest Service policy states that there will be no blazing in wilderness areas, not even if it is a National Scenic Trail. These should not be there, the trail is well defined in most areas, in the rock outcrop areas we will leave the blazes until we can either put directional signs where needed or the preferred, build up one side with a rock ledge leading through these areas.

I know we have a lot of volunteers who love to get out and do projects for us, if you would like to help with this, please let me know, our Wild South Volunteer Wilderness Rangers will also be working on this …thanks for all that you do for the National Forests to make it a nicer place for visitors, please help spread the word …thanks Mary

Mary Humphries 
Wilderness, Special Uses, Lands Technician
Forest Service 
Talladega National Forest, Talladega and Shoal Creek Ranger Districts
p: 256-463-2272 x109 
c: 256-761-7600 
f: 256-463-5385 
45 Highway 281
Heflin, AL 36264
Caring for the land and serving people

feb 16.

Cave Spring, GA
Just found a cool link to the City of Cave Spring, Ga. There is a good page on the Pinhoti at Santa Claus Mountain, just south of Cave Spring ~ http://www.cedartowngeorgia.gov/the-pinhoti-trail/

feb 11.

Section 1

Construction is underway for the Kiosk and Pavillion at the 0.0 ~ Flagg Mountain Trailhead. Clearing for the Trail Shelter at mile 2.1 ~ Weogufka Creek has also begun. The new 5.3 mile "Woods Trail" section from the Flagg Mountain Trailhead to Weogufka was completed back in November and would be a great out and back day hike or overnighter.
Contact cthikr@gmail.com for updates.

feb 1.

Trail Running
The Mount Cheaha 50k​ Ultramarathon will be held on February 28th this year. This has always been a wildly popular event put on by a great group of extremely dedicated folks. If you are planning on a hike on that day anywhere between Porter's Gap and Adams Gap you have a good chance of crossing paths with some of these folks between sunrise and sunset, unless you begin your hike from Porter's Gap after the race starts. 

jan 2.

OK, so my second web host didn't work out so well. Let's see how number 3 does...

^ climb up.